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NEWS: Polaris go feral with inhumane?

We secretly always knew it was only a matter of time and have once again been proven right as Australian Progressive Metalcore outfit Polaris have announced their third album “Fatalism” will fall from th sky like the plane in Alive on 1st September via SharpTone Records. That news comes with a big budget music video

NEWS: Polaris share the heart of the moment?

Capturing an incredible audience at Reunion Park in Melbourne on 4th March, Australian Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris have shared a music video for “All Of This Is Fleeting” from their sophomore album “The Death Of Me“. That reached it’s second anniversary back in February and the band have a wealth of touring plans to make

Playthrough: “Landmine” from Polaris!

Gearing themselves up for shows upon our shores in September with Alpha Wolf, Gravemind and Stepson, Progressive Metalcore Kings Polaris have returned to their sophomore album “The Death Of Me” for a drum playthrough video for “Landmine“. Behind the kit is Daniel Furnari, making the best out of a rig comprising Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals,

Interview: Polaris talk new album!

Polaris frontman Jamie Hails and Guitarist Ryan Siew spoke to Dann from the Mike James Rock Show during the UK dates of their European Tour with Architects and Beartooth. In this newly released interview they talk about the pressures of writing their sophomore album after the huge success of “This Mortal Coil” and signing to

OLD NEWS: “Consume” by Polaris. Album drops 03/11!

Australian Tech-Metal crew Polaris‘ debut full length album “The Mortal Coil” is going to drop on Friday 3rd November on SharpTone Records. Let’s have a bit of their stunning debut single and album teaser “Consume” released earlier this year. Which band puts a solo in the middle of a breakdown? Polaris! The band will be