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Review: “Thrashmageddon” by Demolizer

When you have an album titled “Thrashmageddon” as a self respecting Metal Head, you should know what to expect. The resurgence in the Thrash Metal scene during recent years has been a mixed affair but bands like Havok and Hazzerd have been leading the charge with London’s Thrasherwolf waving the flag held aloft by Anthrax,

NEWS: Confessions of an Arsonist from Demolizer!

…with a week to go, a music video for “Copenhagen Burning” taken from Demolizer new album “Thrashmageddon” to be released on Mighty Music on 11th September 2020. As if the title didn’t give it away, the album is an old school Thrash fest with influences cited as being Motörhead, Exodus and Kreator. “Thrashmageddon” was recorded,