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NEWS: Kill The Lights sin and sin again?

A lyrical narrative about not knowing how to escape a toxic relationship forms the story behind a second single of 2023 from Kill The Lights. The Metalcore outfit, who feature in their ranks members and former members of Still Remains, Bullet For My Valentine and Throw The Fight have named this one “Hear You Scream”

Playthrough: “Broken Bones” from Kill The Lights!

When you’ve got a wealth of talent in a band sometimes it’s easy to forget who is behind the drum kit. Moose Thomas isn’t about to let that happen as he shares a playthrough for Kill The Lights new single “Broken Bones“. It’s there first since the group, who feature members and former members of

NEWS: Throw The Fight get lost in the woods…

Quite when we will get the rescheduled European tour trek promised by Throw The Fight remains shrouded in mystery but that hasn’t stopped Long Branch Records from continuing to build the momentum behind the American’s upcoming new album “Strangeworld“. Single “Lost Without You” is the single chosen for the latest pre-release offering from it with

NEWS: Kill The Lights try out for a Creed IV Cameo?

While details remain thin on the ground, Kill The Lights, a supergroup featuring members and former members of Still Remains, Throw The Fight and Bullet For My Valentine have a sophomore album in the works. Having announced their signing with Oracle Management, the firm headed up by Dez Fafara (Coal Chamber, DevilDriver) and his wife

NEWS: Throw The Fight honour and obey?

Following the surprise announcement earlier this month of the postponement of their European tour due to the release of their album “Strangeworld” getting pushed back, Throw The Fight have dropped another stone cold single in “Obey” via Long Branch Records. The album itself will appear on 30th June with the band adding: “OBEY is about

NEWS: Throw The Fight fear the sands of time?

A second single from the 30th June arriving via Long Branch Records new album from Minneapolis Minnesota natives Throw The Fight has landed in “Hourglass“. It follows “Cover Your Tracks” from the seven track affair for seven deadly sins that also features a pair of remixes and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp. The

NEWS: Throw The Fight hide the evidence?

“Inject the poison, repeat after me, From now on, you will do what we say, Don’t fight back, we don’t like that, Out come the wolves, Prisoners out in the street strike back, All played for fools, Society is on my side, Make way for the victim”

NEWS: Throw The Fight. Atena. Elwood Stray. May!

Starting at the end of April, Throw The Fight, Atena and Elwood Stray will join forces for a run of shows that will take them from Copenhagen Denmark to London England in fifteen steps, the last three of which will be upon our shores. By way of revision 2012 album “What Doesn’t Kill Us” remains

NEWS: Lights out for Kill The Lights?

A third new single since August 2020’s “The Sinner” from Kill The Lights, a collection of household name musicians from Still Remains, Bullet For My Valentine, Throw The Fight and Threat Signal makes it feel like it’s only a matter of time before a sophomore album appears from them. This one is called “Dead From