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The Black Map #119: Clockwork Sky from Stevenage!

Hailing from Stevenage, the first of a number of new towns built on the outskirts of London after World War II and with a population of 80k, Deathcore six piece with a trio of guitarists, Clockwork Sky specialise in the combination of eerie, haunting atmospheres, skull crushing breakdowns and a violent vocal assault. Terrorising the

NEWS: Clockwork Sky premier single “Longinus”!

Stevenage Hertfordshire is the place that Deathcore Merchants Clockwork Sky call home. Having enthralled us with their 2018 debut EP “Tides“, they’ve returned for round two with new single “Longinus” which is out now and available over at bandcamp. As with the EP, it was recorded at The Practice Roomz Studio, Stevenage, before being mixed