The Black Map #119: Clockwork Sky from Stevenage!

Hailing from Stevenage, the first of a number of new towns built on the outskirts of London after World War II and with a population of 80k, Deathcore six piece with a trio of guitarists, Clockwork Sky specialise in the combination of eerie, haunting atmospheres, skull crushing breakdowns and a violent vocal assault. Terrorising the South Coast since 2015, their debut record “Tides” was completed as a quartet in 2018, recorded at The Practice Roomz in Stevenage with Joe Lyndon (Dorylus, Suffer No Fools) mixing and mastering the effort. That lead to the band joining the competition for a slot on the New Blood Stage of the 2018, 2019 and 2020, 20th Anniversary incarnation of Bloodstock, competing at Club 85 in Hitchin as well as singing on the dotted line for Metal Coffee PR and One Eyed Toad Records. Returning to The Practice Roomz as a six piece with guitarist duo James Williams and Steven Cela recorded single “Longinus“, this time with the later mixing and mastering. Give the people what they want. They want more.

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