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Throwback: “Moon Child” by Valleys!

They say that sooner or later all good things must come to an end so breaking with tradition we pay tribute to North Carolina residents Valleys as they call time on their career in Metalcore and go their separate ways. As a band they never had it easy and often luck was as as thin

NEWS: Valleys return to “Rainmaker” for the second anniversary!

Celebrating the second anniversary of their album “Fearless“, Valleys vocalist Jayson Mitchell has shared a stunning acoustic rendition of “Rainmaker“, the irony of which won’t be lost on anyone who has heard the album itself as it’s one of the heaviest cuts on it with some moments that border on Deathcore. The reimagined version is

Playthrough: “Porcelain Skin” from The Northern!

Taking the road less traveled Canadian DJentlemen The Northern have given us a playthrough for their November single called “Porcelain Skin“, the second after “Pale Horse” to be released from an independent EP given the name “Cloudburst“. 2017 had seen them release a critically acclaimed album in  “Solstice” via Tragic Hero Records that blew our

NEWS: Valleys premier “Moon Child”!

It appears from a few cryptic social media posts that Raleigh North Carolina’s Valleys may have called time on their career on the same day that their label Tragic Hero Records premiered a music video for “Moon Child” from their highly impressive sophomore album “Fearless“. That would be quite the irony but given the history

Playthrough: “Rainmaker” from Valleys!

Seven string pair RJ Riggle and Will Shoe from North Carolina quintet Valleys racked up the Orange gear for a guitar plaything of “Rainmaker” from their fine Tragic Hero Records album “Fearless“. We reviewed that one when it appeared back in October, feel free to check it out. You can order a physical copy and

NEWS: VALLEYS streaming “Fearless”!

Out tomorrow is “Fearless”, an album from Raleigh North Carolina Metalcore quintet VALLEYS. It’s one we reviewed earlier this week and it’s so good that it’s a contender for the top 5 albums of 2020 that will appear between Christmas and New Year. No joke. If you thought “Dark Flag” by Phinehas was a decent

Review: “Fearless” by VALLEYS

There is back story to the career of North Carolina Metalcore quintet VALLEYS that is tale of tragedy and the strength to overcome. For those not familiar with the story, a week before the band released their debut “Experiment One: Asylum” in 2016, their vocalist Mikey Clement suddenly passed away in a horrific car crash.

NEWS: Valleys seek “Moon Child” (what?!)

The tick down to North Carolina Metalcore heroes Valleys album “Fearless” on 11th October has gained pace with the arrive of a stream of “Moon Child” via Tragic Hero Records! They’ll be taking the stage at The Death In Me farewell show alongside Take Heart and Infirma the day after it drops!

Playthrough: “Opiate” from Valleys!

Valleys guitarist duo RJ Riggle and Will Shoe have recorded a guitar playthrough video for recent single “Opiate” that takes on the heartbreaking tale of drug addiction leading to overdose. The song appears on the bands upcoming 11th October release “Fearless” via Tragic Hero Records.

NEWS: It’s time to return to the Valleys!

That’s right. Three years after their debut, Raleigh North Carolina Metalcore crew Valleys have been announced as new signings to Tragic Hero Records! They’ve written and recorded a sophomore album entitled “Fearless” which is already available for pre-order here with all their hard work becoming reality on 11th October! Accompanying the news is a stream