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NEWS: Trash Panda sharpen their blades…

There may only be just two shows left of their near month long “The Nocturnal Nemesis Tour” but that’s not going to stop Trash Panda from loving every second on stage in Atlanta and Jacksonville, the later being a home town throwdown. Following in th footsteps of January single “Discarded and Forgotten” the Slamming Deathgrind

NEWS: Trash Panda reanimate the corpse?

Jacksonville Florida Slamming Deathgrind mercinaries Trash Panda may remain pawns of the putrid God but that hasn’t stopped the quartet from paying homage to their heroes in Cannibal Corpse. For the purpose they have chosen “Devoured By Vermin“, a cut which is sure to have sweaty bodies swaying like marionettes then they use it as

NEWS: Trash Panda return to the Putrid God!

If you missed it back in November then Brutal Minds and Fat Tub of Lard Records have issued a timely remind of just what Jacksonville Florida Slamming Deathgrind mercenaries Trash Panda are capable of with an evil grin and a music video for “Maggot Bath“. The cut appears on the bands 26 minute album “Pawns

Review: “Valley Of Junk” by Trash Panda (1st Anniversary)

Hailing from Jacksonville Florida, Trash Panda are a Deathgrind quartet who cite bands like Pig Destroyer, Ingested and Cattle Decapitated as inspiration for their Death Metal dealings. Their debut EP “Valley Of Junk” was recorded, mixed and mastered in house by guitarist Anthony Roman who is joined on the record by drummer Harrison Linder and

NEWS: Trash Panda. Just pawns in the game?

“Access Hollywood, license to kill, A redneck f**ker from Jacksonville, Bringing on the dumpster funk, A microphone, machete’s in the back of my trunk, Rock’in so steady with the he says, she says, And don’t forget about the starfish navigation system...”

NEWS: Trash Panda scream off with CJ McMahon!

There is nothing quite like a heavyweight guest to attract attention to your band ahead of a new album release and in the case of Jacksonville Florida resident evil doers Trash Panda they’ve got the choice perfectly for their single “Drowning In Swill“. The Slamming Deathgrind merchants have chosen CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is