NEWS: Trash Panda. Just pawns in the game?

Access Hollywood, license to kill, A redneck f**ker from Jacksonville, Bringing on the dumpster funk, A microphone, machete’s in the back of my trunk, Rock’in so steady with the he says, she says, And don’t forget about the starfish navigation system...”

Jacksonville Slammin’ Deathgrind merchants Trash Panda will be rollin’ up on our skulls on 13th November with “Pawns Of The Putrid God” via Brutal Mind & Fat Tub Of Lard Records. It’s the follow up to EP “Valley Of Junk” which has a first anniversary review set to appear on these very pages… In the meantime a music video for their latest single “Regorgitated” directed by Michael Leach has surfaced from the Black Lagoon…

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