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Review: “Moral Obscenity” by Trench Foot

It’s been ten months and two space tinged tracks since multi instrumentalist mastermind Joe Bradley (vocals, guitars, bass and drum programming) troubled our ear drums and poisoned our minds with his brand of Death Metal with “Sacraficial Gore” from solo project Trench Foot. Utilizing the skills of Adam Rogers at Pitlab Leeds for mixing and

The Black Map #192: Trench Foot from Liverpool!

First described during the retreat of Napoleon Bonaparte’s army from Russia in 1812 and rife in soldiers in the first World War, Trench Foot is a painful condition of the feet caused by long immersion in cold water or mud and marked by the blackening ans death of the surface tissue of the feet associated

Review: “Sacrificial Gore” by Trench Foot 

The stench of rotting flesh that is Trench Foot is the old school Death Metal project of multi instrumentalist Joe Bradly who handles vocals, guitars, bass and drum programming from a dank basement dwelling in Liverpool. At the height of the summer Stumpgrinder Records put out his debut EP “Sacrificial Gore“, an entirely DIY affair