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NEWS: Trove are “Becoming Memories”?

One day after the premier of “Nightmare Enemy“, Trove, who feature members and former members of Vanna, Too Late the Hero, To The Wind and Roseview have returned with a second new song in “Becoming Memories” via new label home Modern Empire, their third new songs in the month of November. Can they make it three days in

NEWS: Trove survive the Nightmare?

A couple of weeks after single “Kingdom Of Mud” and Trove are back with yet another single in “Nightmare Enemy” via Modern Empire Records. The band, who feature members and former members of Vanna, Too Late the Hero, To The Wind and Roseview  who surfaced in 2018 and made their debut with EP “Hark“.        

NEWS: Trove hold the keys to the Kingdom?

Having been quiet since declaring they were “sitting on some really cool s***” in May, a new track entitled “Kingdom of Mud” has appeared out of the blue from Trove, a band fronted by former Vanna vocalist Davey Muise. It’s the bands third single since 2017’s “Hark” and interestingly has appeared via Modern Empire rather

NEWS: Trove Shook Me?

When the much loved Vanna called it a night, seemingly burned out by their relentless touring, chasing the dream and the writing and recording cycle, it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that at least one member would rematerialize in another band after a break. After a debut EP, Trove, who feature former Vanna

Review: “Hark” EP by Trove

When Davey Muise announced Vanna’s surprise farewell tour, not many expected the frontman to return so soon. But in a new band featuring members of Vanna, Too Late the Hero, To The Wind and Roseview, here he is, fronting Trove. Their debut 4 song EP entitled “Hark” appeared almost out of no-where in November with

NEWS: Ex-Vanna frontman returns in Trove!

When Vanna parted ways, no-one expected frontman Davey Muise to return so soon. Now fronting Trove (as in Treasure Trove?!) Muise returned with new EP “Hark” via Artery Recordings in November. You can check out new single “Massive” below. The band will be playing their first live shows soon.