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Interview: Aaron Matts talks ten56 with TrueShot!

The surprise exit of vocalist Aaron Matts from Betraying The Martyrs last month after a decade was a timely reminder to expect the unexpected and his announcement of a new band, a supergroup with Arnaud Verrier of  Uneven Structure, Nicolas Delestrade of Novelists FR, Luka Garotin and Quentin Godet Kadinja who are already signed to

Interview: Erra on TrueShot guest spot!

Birmingham Alabama Technical Progressive Metalcore outfit Erra have let vocalist JT Cavey take a moment away from their rehearsals for Furnace Fest to chat with TrueShot about their freshly released self titled album, their first since leaving Sumerian Records for new label home UNFD. Guitarist Jesse Cash has finished tabbing both “Neon” and the new

Interview: VCTMS on TrueShot Guest Spot!

VCTMS have been premiering new material of late with a new album on the horizon so the obvious choice for the latest interview with TrueShot is one Meredith Henderson, better known as the bands drummer, vocalist and lyricist. If you missed it, they’ll be out with Ingested, Vulvodynia and Bound In Fear on the rescheduled

Playthrough: “Deadbeat Lullaby” from TrueShot!

Armed for the apocalypse with a 7 string Kiesel Guitar and a Sentinels hoodie, it must be time for a playthrough video for the new single from New Hampshire Metalcore outfit TrueShot courtesy of Adam Levesque. The fifth new single since their debut 2019 EP “Escape” goes by the name of “Deadbeat Lullaby” and was

NEWS: TrueShot sing the nightmare of the “Deadbeat Lullaby”!

TrueShot maybe just as famous for their reaction videos as they are their actual music at this point but the Metalcore outfit have been able to get in some big guns for this new single “Deadbeat Lullaby” as they continue to build their empire. As if Matt Thomas of Ashtone Audio in the producers chair

Playthrough: “Reticent” from TrueShot!

Adam Levesque and Derek Mayo from  TrueShot have momentarily paused their reaction videos to record a guitar and bass playthrough video for their latest single “Reticent“. The Metalcore act have been building their reputation and spreading the word with an internet campaign unlike any other, creating a wealth of YouTube content greater than Fort Knox.

Interview: TrueShot talk to Matt Thomas (Kingdom Of Giants, Darko)!

TrueShot are a band growing their reputation by not only putting out their own music but by also doing reaction videos and interviews with other artists. In the latest edition of the TrueShot guest spot series, they talk to Matt Thomas, producer and owner of Ashtone Audio. He’s worked with bands like Kingdom of Giants

Interview: The Gloom in the Corner on the TrueShot Guest Spot!

The TrueShot empire continues to grow as the band keep flooding the internet with reaction videos as well as their own music and they even do interviews. For episode #16 of their “TrueShot Guest Spot” series, they talk to Mikey Arthur (vocals) and Paul Musolino (bass) from Australian Gloom Metallers The Gloom in the Corner

Interview: Carcosa on TrueShot guest spot!

The latest edition of The TrueShot guest spot series sees Carcosa guitarist Andrew Baena chat to TrueShot vocalist Richard Janvrin. The conversation covers not only the work of his new Deathcore band, who hail from British Columbia Vancouver Canada but also his YouTube channel and his work with Angelmaker guitarist Johnny Ciardullo. If you haven’t

Interview: Spiritbox on TrueShot Guest Spot!

Sitting on the sidelines we’ve found it amazing how a new band with just a few singles out in TrueShot have used lockdown to build a reaction video based YouTube channel and then add to those foundations with a wealth of other content, including an interview series at effortlessly achieve the better part of 7k