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Review: “God Hand” by Brand Of Sacrifice

Genre blending Death Metal, Deathcore and Hardcore with members of Earthshatter, The Afterimage and Ascariasis in the ranks, Brand Of Sacrifice have been making waves of late via Unique Leader Records. Kyle Anderson (vocals), Michael Leo Valeri (guitars, production), Liam Beeson (guitars), Dylan Gould (bass) and Rob Zalischi (drums), who hail from Toronto Canada and

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm speak of puppet masters?

It might seem hard to believe but a year has passed since Signs Of The Swarm unleashed the plague that is “Viral Deprivation“, their debut with new vocalist David Simonich. So as shows aren’t an option, they’ve started work on a new album with first quarter of 2021 tentatively slated for a Unique Leader Records

Review: “Dawn of Corruption” by Distant

Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant hail from Rotterdam in the Netherlands and Bratislava in Slovakia, a six piece outfit who in their words perform the dark hymns of the fallen kingdom for listeners to experience the atmospheric despair and the grotesque void to come, emotional, evil and ruthless. After numerous tours around Europe and their debut EP

NEWS: Bound In Fear unveil “Stigmata” video!

Downtempo Deathcore titans Bound In Fear have subtly announced the arrival of former A Trust Unclean guitarist Steve Hunt into their line up with a music video for “Stigmata” from their “The Hand Of Violence” record shot by Shaun Hudson of Loki Films. The news comes as the band are preparing for an extended tour

Playthrough: “Oedipism” from Distant!

Rotterdam Netherlands Slamming Deathcore brutes Distant have their sights locked and loaded on 23rd October to pull the trigger on “Dawn of Corruption” via Unique Leader Records. Single “Oedipism” surfaced a week ago and now their new drummer Jan Mato, officially announced after the single dropped. Formerly of Shrill Whispers, he shows us how it’s

Playthrough: “Void” from Humanity’s Last Breath!

While at Impact Studios remixing and remastering his bands self titled album and “Detestor” EP for release via Unique Leader Records today, Humanity’s Last Breath mastermind Buster Odeholm has recorded a guitar playthrough for “Void“. Not only that but he’s taken a moment to give us a full rundown on his guitar… GUITAR: Hapas Judge

NEWS: Distant plan for the “Dawn of Corruption”!

Rotterdam Netherlands Downtempo Deathcore collective Distant have announced their second release for Unique Leader Records and the follow up to last summer’s “Tyrannotophia”. Six track EP “Dawn of Corruption” is set for 23rd October with the Vampire transformation of “Hellmouth” arriving in music video form…

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath premier the new version of “Harm”!

Having premiered the freshly remixed and remastered “Void” from 2013’s self titled record, Humanity’s Last Breath have now given us “Harm“, which has received the same treatment, the original version appearing on 2016’s “Detestor“. The band themselves have remixed and remastered both records, applying new techniques and both will drop via Unique Leader Records on

NEWS: Humanity’s Last Breath set re-release date!

Now that their tour with Black Tongue and Cabal has been rescheduled for April 2021, Humanity’s Last Breath have remixed and remastered versions of their Self-Titled album and the “Detestor” EP for release on 4th September via Unique Leader Records. The work has been done in house by the band themselves, treating the music as

Documentary: Behind the scenes of “Another Breath” with Ingested!

Whether or not their December 2020 European tour trek with Vale of Pnath, Vulvodynia and Bound In Fear goes ahead, Mancunian Slamming Deathcore brutes Ingested have still given us “Where Only Gods May Tread” via Unique Leader Records. The album is now a couple of weeks old and features some notable guest appearances, including from