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NEWS: Party Cannon join Unique Leader Records!

Having yesterday announced their departure from Gore House Productions after a decade, today Scottish Slam merchants Party Cannon have announced their signing with Unique Leader Records, the label home of Extortionist, Bound In Fear and Osiah to name but a few. As if that thought wasn’t crazy enough, the band have a new album titled

NEWS: Extortionist announce album number three!

Salt Lake City Nu-Deathcore merchants Extortionist may have only released EP “Devoid” on 1st December via Unique Leader Records but have announced their third full length album for 17th May. Titled “Devoid Of Love & Light” it runs to 10 cuts that includes the entirety of the aforementioned EP and coalesces themes of betrayal, mistrust,

Playthrough: “Drained Of Life” from Extortionist!

Continuing the celebration of their return EP “Devoid” a five string bass playthrough video for “Drained Of Life” from Extortionist courtesy of Kip Treeman is a thing of beauty. The Idaho Deathcore collective have had their fair share of ups and downs but appear to have settled as a six piece with third guitarist and

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life bring back the incantation!

Having streamed the track seven days and seven deadly sins ago, reborn Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life have now offered up an music video for the lethal dose of American hatred that is “Broken Glass Incantation”. It’s another from their 9th February via Unique Leader Records dropping on your head like the

NEWS The Last Ten Seconds Of Life offer “Broken Glass Incantation”!

…with pre-orders available over at bandcamp a new album from reborn Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life is set for 9th February via Unique Leader Records. Titled “No Name Graves” it features an unholy trinity of guest vocal appearances with Ricky Myers of Suffocation, Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg all lending their throats while

Review: “Devoid” by Extortionist

Sometimes you don’t realise what you’ve got until it’s gone. Sat in the centre of a Bermuda triangle between Nu-Metal, Beatdown Hardcore and Deathcore, Spirit Lake Idaho based Extortionist have had a white knuckle rollercoaster ride of a career that seemingly came to an end with one final show on 5th October 2019… Only for

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life count the sum of their fears?

What do Ricky Myers of Suffocation, Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg have in common? They’ve all lent their throats to “No Name Graves“, a new album from Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, that’s what. You’ll be able to get your greasy paws on the Grave