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NEWS: Extinction A.D. premier “Mastic”!

It may only be January but the March releases continue to be announced with Unique Leader Records setting the 18th of the month for “Culture Of Violence” for the new album from Extinction A.D.. That news comes of course with the first taste of the album with a Anthony Altamura directed music video for “Mastic”

Playthrough: “The Sabbath” from The Last Ten Seconds Of Life!

Featuring a guest appearance from Jamie Hanks of I Declare War, 28th January will see the self titled album from Mansfield Pennsylvanian Deathcore collective The Last Ten Seconds Of Life via Unique Leader Records. Bassist Mike Menocker has been placed in front of the spotlight for a five string playthrough of their recent single “The

NEWS: Worm Shepherd go get their knives…

River of knives? Shouldn’t that be river of blood? Ha. Well, either way as 14th January and “Ritual Hymns” approaches via Unique Leader Records from Worm Shepherd, the Blackened Deathcore collective have shared “The River Ov Knives” from the album in order to tempt you into a pre-order that comes with a music video created

Playthrough: “Chalice Ov Rebirth” from Work Shepherd!

Be warned… 14th January is set to be an absolutely monumental day for new releases with Shadow Of Intent, Fit For An Autopsy and now Worm Shepherd joining the Deathcore party. Each bring their own flavour from the Symphonic to the Blackened and the latter will be giving us “Ritual Hymns” via Unique Leader Records.

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life share the story of birth…

We might now have to wait for Downtempo Deathcore Kings The Last Ten Seconds Of Life to join Shadow Of Intent upon our shores until January 2023, however that frustrating setback isn’t going to prevent Unique Leader Records from delivering the uppercut that is their self titled album on 28th January come hell or high

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life turn up the heat!

The hottest ticket in town remains the one which has been rescheduled three or four times at this point and will see Shadow Of Intent reign terror on European soil with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Angelmaker and Aversions Crown in January. Not only is it going to be worth the wait and it’s

NEWS: Worm Shepherd drink from the “Chalice Ov Rebirth”!

32 days after the premier of the title track from their new album “Ritual Hymns“, Connecticut Blackened Deathcore monsters Worm Shepherd have shared up a second sacraficial offering from the 14th January via Unique Leader Records release. Titled “Chalice Ov Rebirth” it has surfaced in lyric video form with stunning artwork from the album in

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm prepare the Hymn sheets…

…with a music video for “Hymns Ov Invocation” from their September drop “Absolvere“, a mighty beast of Deathcore brutality that will be celebrated across the US from Friday on a tour that sees them joining Born Of Osiris, Sentinels and Shadow Of Intent on what has to be one of the heaviest hitting runs of