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Review: “Year of the Rat” by Matriarchs

In 2018 vocalist Richard Barthel stepped down from Los Angeles California’s Matriarchs and that seemed like the end of the band, who had been around since 2014, their debut “Scandalous Jointz” produced by Nick Jett of Terror and Mastered by Matt Hyde, (Lionheart, Hatebreed, Deftones) an ambitious effort that had been followed by a quartet of singles

NEWS: Matriarchs awake from “Sleep”!

16th October will see “Year Of The Rat” from Los Angeles Californian Metalcore merchants Matriarchs drop via Upstate Records. The band, who feature ex-members of bands like Hoods, Ruckus and The Faceless, look to fuse together the visual aesthetic of more thought provoking heavy acts like Tool or Converge with the sonic ferocity and energy of

“Value of Self” EP from Habits

Buffalo New York Hardcore quartet Habits have been on our radar since their brilliant single “Six Years Deep” dropped and we even went back and reviewed their EP “No Joy” in anticipation of “Value of Self”. So as genuine fans of the band, this is what we’d call a highly anticipated release! The first surprise

NEWS: Habits drop “Six Years Deep” single!

Buffalo New York Beatdown Hardcore crew Habits have released a Pizza oven fresh single entitled “Six Years Deep” via Upstate Records. The unsigned quartet celebrated 7 months of the release of their EP “No Joy” in late November and are signed to Frankie Palmeri of Emmure fame’s Redzone Records.