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Playthrough: Full Set from Street Soldier!

If you thought that anyone was done with last summers second incarnation of Upsurge Festival, you’d be wrong. One of the highlights was a set from Street Soldier, who brought “Northern Hate” to London’s New Cross Inn with style. So filmed by Daniel Howard, here’s drum cam footage of that full set with Laurie “Drill

Playthrough: Full Set from Loathe!

Pro-Shot by Daniel Howard of Nefarious Youth fame, here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Sean Radcliffe from Loathe during their set at last summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival. The set took place on 18th August at the New Cross Inn in London with the Liverpool Gloom Kings being announced as a special guest for the

Playthrough: Full set from Brutality Will Prevail!

The set from Metal influenced Hardcore wrecking ball Brutality Will Prevail at last summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival was one of the highlights of the Weekend at London’s New Cross Inn. Courtesy of David Tan and filmed by Daniel Howard, here’s the dedicated drum cam footage of Marc Richards at work! BDHW Records released their

Playthrough: Upsurge from SeeYouSpaceCowboy!

The third incantation of Upsurge Festival looks as likely as getting away with living a Champagne lifestyle on a Lemonade budget for a decade and getting away with it, however David Tan still has footage from last year’s event to roll out. Filmed by Daniel Howard, here’s dedicated drum cam footage capturing SeeYouSpaceCowboy sticksman Byran

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Live Bands of 2019!

Metal Noise have been at 34 (yes, thirty four) shows in 2019 so our Top #5 live bands of the year takes into account every one that we’ve seen and no-one we haven’t. Just go and check out our “Grand Tour” page or our live reviews if you want validation that this list only includes

Bootleg: Revolve at Glasgow Audio!

One of many highlights of this summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival, Glaswegian Metallic Hardcore act Revolve were filmed once again by David Tan, Kathryn McBride and Ross Hutton at Audio Lounge in Glasgow on 3rd October. They launched their second assault on Mother Earth with “Dragged Into Extinction” in February. It’s available over at bandcamp.

Bootleg: Desolated destroy Upsurge Festival!

The return of the much loved London Metallic Hardcore quintet Desolated to the scene with “A New Realm Of Misery” having previously seemingly called it quits in 2017, their set at London’s New Cross Inn during Upsurge Festival was like a homecoming. They’ll be back there on 16th November for a free show and to

Bootleg: Hive Mind at Upsurge Festival!

The relentless release of full sets from the second dawning of time otherwise know Upsurge Festival at London’s New Cross Inn back in August has been a complete joy. We attended the auspicious occasion and partook in checking out many a lesser light of heaven and a few beers. So here’s one more for you,

Bootleg: SeeYouSpaceCowboy at Upsurge Festival!

Could this be the last set from David Tan recorded at this summer’s incarnation of Upsurge Festival? Maybe. The second set from SeeYouSpaceCowboy on Sunday 18th August was a short sharp shock of venomous Metallic Hardcore. Their new album “The Correlation Between Entrance and Exit Wounds” is just as blistering as this!

Bootleg: Loathe at Upsurge Festival!

When will we get a new album from Loathe? We’ve had a split and a two track single via SharpTone Records since “The Cold Sun” and those 4 tracks including “White Hot” and “Gored” ooze quality. Maybe during their shows in December with Stray From The Path we’ll get news of an early 2020 release?