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Exclusive Interview: Sonus Mortis talk “Past Lives”!

At the forefront of Irish Dark Metal, combining elements of Black Metal with Melodic Death Metal is Kevin Byrne, the multi instrumentalist behind solo project Sonus Mortis. The former Valediction bassist unveiled a new album in “Past Lives” a few weeks back, the follow up to the critically acclaimed “Hold This Mortal Coil” and was

Review: “Past Lives” by Sonus Mortis

Former Valediction bassist Kevin Byrne has been grafting at the Symphonic Dark Metal coal face for the past eight years in Dublin Ireland, grinding out five full length albums and a demo in that time. Each one of those has seen his stature as a multi instrumentalist working under the moniker Sonus Mortis grow progressively

NEWS: Sonus Mortis look death in the eyes…

The follow up to the critically acclaimed fifth studio album “Hold This Mortal Coil” from multi instrumentalist and former Valediction bassist Kevin Byrne’s solo project Sonus Mortis has seen another preview with the title track “Past Lives” beginning its streaming life. 25th August is the date inked in blood in the Black Book for the

NEWS: Sonus Mortis announce new album with “Everfall”!

14 months after the critically acclaimed “Hold This Mortal Coil“, a fifth studio album from one man Symphonic Dark Metal project Sonus Mortis entitled “Past Lives”, written and performed solely by former Valediction bassist and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne has been announced for 25th August. It may not be available for pre-order yet, but we do

Throwback: “Numbers” by Legend!

Crunchy breakdowns and pummeling rhythmic battery are the stuff of Legend. A band who rose to prominence following a raw and brutally punishing 4 song demo that lead to their 2010 debut “Valediction“, which offers up the mind of Hardcore Vs Metal crossover that The Acacia Strain love to hear. Back in 2011, they were

Review: “Hold This Mortal Coil” by Sonus Mortis

The fourth studio album from one man Symphonic Dark Metal project Sonus Mortis entitled “Hold This Mortal Coil” was written between 2017 and 2019 by Multi-Instrumentalist Kevin Byrne formerly of Valediction where he played bass, before recording in 2019. Mixed and mastered by Mick Richards in Trackmix Studios in Dublin, Ireland, it follows 2014’s “Propaganda Dream

NEWS: Sonus Mortis make Metamorphosis?

Critically acclaimed having received 8/10 in this month’s Metal Hammer, “Hold This Mortal Coil” by Sonus Mortis will drop on 30st January. Available for pre-order over at bandcamp, it’s the fourth studio album from Multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne, whom you may know as the former bassist of Valediction. Streaming “Metamorphosis” now, this Symphonic Death Metal album