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NEWS: Dreams turn to Nightmares for Vexes?

In an age where the waterfall model seems to be all the rage, New Jersey Alternative Metal meets Post-Metal icons Vexes are going against the grain. Instead of releasing a single every month or an EP every quarter, they’re releasing a full suite, a double album comprising 24 fresh cuts on 17th June. On the

NEWS: Vexes fall further with low choices…

If you thought that the double album was a thing of the past that went out with “Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness” by Smashing Pumpkins, then New Jersey Alternative Metal act Vexes have something else in mind. They’ve lined up “Imagine What We Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time“, a 24 song collection that follows

NEWS: Vexes announce double trouble!

Back in April 2018 we reviewed “Ancient Geometry” by Vexes, a supergroup of sorts combining the talents of  vocalist/guitarist Charlie Berezansky (ex-Vessl, ex-Downstage) and guitarist/keyboardist John Klagholz (ex-Vessl), alongside bassist Bobby Carpenter (as ex-A Life Once Lost) and drummer Justin Graves (as ex-A Life Once Lost) and after a period of silence their return with single

Review: “Leave The Soul For Now” by Timeworn

Timeworn have been delivering a solid mix of sludge, hardcore energy and post-metal atmosphere since 2014 and have in their ranks members from Eskatol, Summon the Crows, Blodspor and From Below. Both of their first two albums in 2014’s “Luminescent Wake” (Disiplin Media) and 2017’s “Venomous High” (Fysisk Format) were met with praise from both

NEWS: Hot Tub Time Machine: Vexes go 80’s!

There is an obsessive compulsive disorder amongst a lot of musicians to make Metal versions of 80’s pop songs. The results may vary (no Limp Bizkit pun intended) but generally when a band makes it their own, it works out. So here’s the turn of Vexes (ex-A Life Once Lost, ex-Vessl, ex-Downstage) who have taken

Review: “Ancient Geometry” by Vexes

Vexes are a supergroup of sorts combining the talents of  vocalist/guitarist Charlie Berezansky (ex-Vessl, ex-Downstage) and guitarist/keyboardist John Klagholz (ex-Vessl), alongside bassist Bobby Carpenter (as ex-A Life Once Lost) and drummer Justin Graves (as ex-A Life Once Lost). “Ancient Geometry” is the bands debut full length and is a self-release. Engineered and mixed by frontman Charlie Berezansky at

Documentary: Vexes talk to Metal Injection!

Metal Injection talk to Vexes about a variety of topics including their past lives in previous bands A Life Once Lost & Fury of Five as well as their new and pretty damned fine album “Ancient Geometry” in this new Mini-Documentary! Also in the second previously released video, Metal Injection join Vexes on a quest to

NEWS: Vexes release “Decisions Are Death Here” video!

Directed by Bobby Bates, Vexes have dropped a music video for “Decisions are Death Here” from their upcoming new album “Ancient Geometry”. The highly anticipated new release will appear tomorrow, 23rd February. When you’ve got a band who’s members are steeped in Metal history and songs of this quality appear, it’s a challenge to ignore!

Playthrough: Guitars for “Helion” by Vexes!

John Klagholz from Vexes (ex-A Life Once Lost, Fury of Five, VESSL & Downstage) delivers a Guitar playthrough of the Vexes single “Helion” from their brilliant new album “Ancient Geometry”. Of the song, John said: “‘Helion’ was the first song we wrote together as a band, and basically encompasses everything that we want to hear in our music, both rhythmically and dynamically.

NEWS: Vexes release third single “Helion”

Fans of Deftones and The Contortionist take note: Vexes upcoming album “Ancient Geometry” out 23rd February is going to be a stunning prospect. We’ve already heard stunning singles “Plasticine” and “Lift” and now we have joyus album opener “Helion”. For those not in the know Vexes is vocalist/guitarist Charlie Berezansky (ex-Vessl, ex-Downstage) and guitarist/keyboardist John Klagholz (ex-Vessl),