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NEWS: Signs of the Swarm speak of puppet masters?

It might seem hard to believe but a year has passed since Signs Of The Swarm unleashed the plague that is “Viral Deprivation“, their debut with new vocalist David Simonich. So as shows aren’t an option, they’ve started work on a new album with first quarter of 2021 tentatively slated for a Unique Leader Records

Documentary: Signs Of The Swarm Asian Tour Diary!

Their first album with David Simonich “Viral Deprivation” saw Signs Of The Swarm head out to Asia for a run of shows. While they were out there they filmed a mini documentary about their experiences which has instrumental “Undying Fidelity” from the album playing in the background.

NEWS: Signs Of The Swarm get “Lost Within Reflection”!

There was a moment of uncertainty in the minds of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Slamming Deathcore quartet Signs Of The Swarm as to whether delay the video for “Lost Within Reflection“. The track appears on the bands current album “Viral Deprivation“, their first with new vocalist David Simonich. But fortunately they decided that lockdown needs to be

Bootleg: “Nightcrawler” from Signs Of The Swarm!

Symphonic Death Metallers Shadow Of Intent got together a diverse lineup for their winter tour in support of “Meloncholy“. Brand Of Sacrifice, Inferi and Signs Of The Swarm joined them on the run and when they hit the Webster Theatre in Hartford Connecticut, the David Simonich fronted act were filmed performing “Nightcrawler“. If you haven’t

Bootleg: Signs Of The Swarm in Lakewood Ohio!

As Signs Of The Swarm chalk up the shows with David Simonich at the helm and pride themselves on the success of new album “Viral Deprivation” you can’t help but wonder if they’ve given the issues that surround their former vocalist CJ McCreery any thought. Here’s a full Pro-Shot set from the band at The

Documentary: Signs Of The Swarm in Asia!

Deathcore titans Signs Of The Swarm will be taking no longer new vocalist David Simonich to Japan via Korea and Thailand over the next few days to bring “Viral Deprivation” to the masses! Having previously been over to Asia in 2019, they’ve put together a montage of previously unseen footage to celebrate!

Playthrough: “Crown of Nails” from Signs of the Swarm!

What price the return of Alex Kohler to Deathcore? The triangle would be completed with CJ McCreery now out of Lorna Shore to if Kohler made a surprise return to replace the man than replaced him in Chelsea Grin. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? Rebuilding with David Simonich after CJ McCreery left them

Bootleg: Chelsea Grin at The Phantasy!

As the Grin, Shore, Swarm circle was closed with the arrival of “Viral Deprivation” a couple of weeks back (Tom Barber went from Lorna Shore to Chelsea Grin while CJ McCreery went from Signs of the Swarm to Lorna Shore to replace him leaving David Simonich to join Signs of the Swarm all because Alex

Bootleg: Signs Of The Swarm in Ohio!

Now fronted by David Simonich after Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore and Signs Of The Swarm all did a vocalist swap, here’s a Pro-Shot full set from The Foundary Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio courtesy of Leo Sypniewski. Filmed on 20th October the show took place 9 days after the long awaited arrival of “Viral Deprivation”

NEWS: Signs of the Swarm caught in “Malevolent Enslavement”!

Unique Leader Records are streaming new song “Malevolent Enslavement” from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Slamming Deathcore crew Signs of the Swarm, an offering from their upcoming 11th October album “Vital Deprivation”. The album is the first with new vocalist David Simonich after the departure of CJ McCreery to Lorna Shore. Are you ready?