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Playthrough: “Ramaten” from Vitalism!

Endorsed by Elixir String, IK Multimedia, Audio Fusion Bureau and Edifier Monitors means that Bruno Ladislau of Vitalism has got a ph fat bass sound with an absolutely massive tone. He’s shared a live playthrough video for “Ramaten” recorded at Liberty Studio and mixed by Andreas Asbeck which has in the small print that the

NEWS: Vitalism prequel the sequel with “Pagan III”!

A brand new single from Rio de Janeiro Brazil based Progressive Instrumental act Vitalism with all riffs, solos and drums written and recorded by multi instrumentalist Ed Garcia is music to our ears, especially as the man has a habit of seamlessly blending elements of Heavy Metal and Latin music with DJent. Once again mixed

Planet Metal #3: Brazil!

So we’ve been to Italy and to Russia over the past couple of months with our Planet Metal feature so the question is, can we do a five band feature for Brazil without mentioning Sepultura? You bet we can! If you’re new to this game, then the rules are real simple. Each week we highlight

Playthrough: “Eutera” from Vitalism!

Rio de Janeiro Brazil is home to Progressive Instrumental act Vitalism who have influences in both Heavy Metal and Latin music and love a bit of Djent. They were founded by Ed Garcia in 2014 and he plays through the bands latest single “Eutera“. Heavy riffs and intense melodies, mixed and mastered by Heber V.

NEWS: Vitalism go nomad for “Ramaten”!

Rio de Janeiro Brazilian Instrumental Progressive Tech-Metal quartet Vitalism have walked out into the desert to film a music video for new single “Ramaten”. The song comes from new EP “SY” which is out now via Subliminal Groove Records. Could they be a surprise condender for a slot at UK Tech-Fest this summer?

NEWS: Vitalism release video for “Pagan Part II”

Brazilian progressive DJent instrumentalists Vitalism have released a music video for “Pagan Part II” from their new EP entitled “SY” that is out now. Ed Garcia’s crew’s EP was recorded, mastered and mixed by Marcelo Braga at Aeon Audio Studio.