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Interview: Void Of Vision at Unify!

Still riding the high on the release of their sophomore album “Hyperdaze” and their tour with Northlane, Unify caught up Void Of Vision to chat through album inspiration, up and coming Australian bands and possible future collaborations at the annual Metal Festival taking place in Tarwin Lower in Victoria, Australia.

Review: “A Lunar Rose” by Saviour

Perth Western Australia is home to Saviour, a Melodic Hardcore act who have have left UNFD to go independent for this, their forth studio album. Their last two albums in 2013’s “First Light To My Deathbed” and 2017’s “Let Me Leave” have both been top 50 ARIA charting albums so Bryant Best (Vocals), Shontay Snow (Vocals &

Playthrough: “Hypno” from Diamond Construct!

Filmed as Diamond Construct supported Void Of Vision at the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne Australia, here’s drum cam footage courtesy of Ben Maida of Adam “Pinzone” Kilpatrick performing “Hypno“. The track appears on the bands self titled album, which we gave a 9/10 score in review last May. So it’s out now on Greyscale

Bootleg: Silverchair at Melbourne Park!

Not to be underestimated is the influence of Australian Grunge act Silverchair on the current crop of bands emanating from the region. If you’ve not heard it as yet, the brilliant tribute album to them put together by UNFD and features the likes of Void of Vision, In Hearts Wake and Northlane paying their dues,

Live Review: Northlane w/Void Of Vision & Polaris @ The Electric Brixton

We’re left with one eyebrow raised following the news over at The PRP earlier this week here that Silent Planet had exited the “Alien” tour stage left for “reasons outside of their control”. Later on there is an essay from vocalist Garrett Russell about his Mental Health struggles being the reason they’ve gone home prematurely

Bootleg: Polaris in Lakewood Ohio!

2020 should be the year that takes Australian Tech Infused Metalcore heroes Polaris to the next level. They’ve toured the hind legs off of the phenomenal “The Mortal Coil” so the next album is getting past due. Including “The Remedy”, “Consume” and “Lucid”, here’s a full set from them at The Phantasy Nite Club in

Throwback: “Step Back” by Superheist!

The Metal scene is vibrant in Australia at the moment with numerous exports appearing on American and European tours left right and centre. Northlane, Polaris, Void Of Vision to name but three of the acts currently making big names for themselves internationally. There is a band however who blazed a trail between 1993 and 2004

Review: “Cycles//Aftermath” EP by Visionist

After their debut self titled EP used the skills of Arcaeon guitarist Sam Machin to record the vocals, Hampshire/Surrey Tech-Metal quintet Visionist shared stages with the likes of The Faceless, Uneven Structure, Destiny Potato, Holding Absence and Osiah to name but a few. Known for their haunting ambience and antpile crushing technical riffs, the band

Playthrough: “The New Eternity” from Silent Planet!

Silent Planet sticksman Alex Camarena was filmed at the Tabernacle in Atlanta Georgia plaything “The New Eternity” with Chris Ghazel handing the audio mix. They’ll be the odd ones out as the only act not from Australia on The Alien Tour which will see Northlane, Polaris, Void Of Vision upon our shores in November!  

Bootleg: “If Only” from Void Of Vision!

Back to the 2019 Heaven & Hell Festival in Riverstage Brisbane Australia on 14th September and this time the live debut of new Void of Vision single “If Only”! New album “Hyperdaze”, from which the song is taken, was released via UNFD this past weekend. Check out our review!