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NEWS: Infirmum suffer the violent sleep of reason?

“Sleep Of Reason” marks the first new material from Melodic Doom Death Metal band Infirmum since last year’s EP “The Great Unknown”. Melancholic, dark, gloomy, full of emotion describe the atmospheric journey with beauty and the beast through the darkness gifted to us by the musicians known for their previous works in Mourning Wood, Sanctuary

NEWS: “Walls of Sorrow” by Infirmum gets physical edtion!

A record which we reviewed back in February 2020 in “Walls of Sorrow” by Infirmum has been picked up by WormHoleDeath Records for a physical release today. A doom metal project founded by Finnish artist Timo Solonen in early 2019, it followed an EP under the name of Kuolonkoura. To celebrate, they’ve picked “Doomed” for

Review: “Walls Of Sorrow” by Infirmum

Infirmum is a musical resurrection by Finnish metal artist Timo Solonen (guitars, vocals) who was active in metal scene on 1990’s. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fantom Studios by Samu Oittinen, who also handled the production, “Walls Of Sorrow” was created in collaboration with session members Johannes Tolonen (bass) and Julius Lehtonen (drums) to give

NEWS: Infirmum scale the walls!

Following “Shadows Of The Past“, Inverse Records have unveiled a second single from the upcoming Infirmum album “Walls Of Sorrow“! Available for pre-order over at bandcamp with both singles given immediately, the Doom soaked Death Metal release cuts “Cause Of Sorrow” as the new track. The album itself will drop on 28th February. Infirmum Mastermind Timo