NEWS: “Walls of Sorrow” by Infirmum gets physical edtion!

A record which we reviewed back in February 2020 in “Walls of Sorrow” by Infirmum has been picked up by WormHoleDeath Records for a physical release today. A doom metal project founded by Finnish artist Timo Solonen in early 2019, it followed an EP under the name of Kuolonkoura. To celebrate, they’ve picked “Doomed” for the lyric video treatment, with the physical edition available here.

Timo Stated: “I guess this is all about love for music and it is healthiest way to express myself. So, Infirmum will guide you through fears and pains and will drag you to darkness just to lift you back alive. Now Infirmum is evolving with Anna Rose as lady vocalist and me being man behind the growls and guitars. To the darkness and back! Stay dark and stay safe

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