NEWS: Vitriol follow “The Sun Named Moon”?

Every band has to start somewhere and in the case of Portland Oregon’s Vitriol, it was with a demo EP called “Antichrist” back in 2012, something that is a rare and precious commodity in todays markets. 13th August saw it resurrected from the ash in which it lay nearly a decade later and given a makeover with fresh vocals from Kyle Rasmussen as well as a mixing and mastering job, you can now find it in all the usual places. Here’s a music video for “The Sun Named Moon” from the release, put together with footage from the sessions that saw that re-birth.

Vitriol’s first introduction to the public was in 2012 by way of a three song digital release entitled Antichrist EP. Nearly a decade later we have decided to reach back and offer our most formative material with a proper look and sound. Remixed, remastered, and featuring newly recorded vocals, our goal was to let our fans see what we were through the lens of what we are now” states vocalist Kyle Rasmussen.

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