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NEWS: Vitriol fight savagely with “Suffer And Become”!

If the question is can “Suffer And Become” reach the critically acclaimed heights of it’s predecessor “To Bathe In The Throat Of Cowardice” then the answer has surely revealed itself with the grand unveiling of the record by Century Media. Portland Oregon natives Vitriol have quite simply outdone themselves with mastermind Kyle Rasmussen in the

Interview: Vitriol talk “Suffer & Become” with Belgian Jasper!

Produced by mastermind Kyle Rasmussen and mixed by Dave Otero (Archspire, Cattle Decapitation) the second album “Suffer & Become” from Portland Oregon’s Vitriol to be released by Century Media is fast becoming the talk of the town. As dense, dark, blackened and cathartic as its critically acclaimed predecessor “To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice“,

NEWS: Vitriol hear the howl of instinct?

They’re calling it an official video but it looks like a playthrough as string masters Kyle Rasmussen (playing a custom Ibanez XPT700XH equipped with an EMG 81X/SLV combo) and Adam Roethlistberger (playing a Warwick Streamer Stage 1 equipped with an EMG PJX set) appear in a cabin to demonstrate new single “Shame And Its Afterbirth”

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2024!

Now that our teeth have rotted out from all the sugary Christmas treats we’ve consumed over the past week or so it’s time to turn to our most anticipated releases of 2024. Another incredibly hard fought category with albums and EPs already scheduled as far as May that we’re aware of, this one has been

NEWS: Vitriol in National Geographic phot shoot?

Ever get the impression you’re being eased into something to soften the blow? Partner gives you an unexpected gift and then delivers some bad news just when you think it’s all sweetness and light? Adorned by artwork from Dylan Humphries, recorded by the band’s visionary frontman and guitarist Kyle Rassmussen and mixed by Dave Otero

NEWS: Vitriol plant the first seed?

The dawn of a new era for Portland’s Vitriol has begun with “The Flowers Of Sadism“. That’s the first single from an album titled “Suffer & Become“, recorded by the band’s visionary frontman and guitarist Kyle Rassmussen before being mixed by Dave Otero (Archspire, Cattle Decapitation). Adorned by artwork from Dylan Humphries, it is set

Review: “Vitriol” by Display of Decay

Five years after 2018’s “Art Of Mutilation” left us needing a hearing aid, the return of Canadian Death Groove masters Display Of Decay with an album in “Vitriol” which has been mixed and mastered by the man, the myth and the legend that is Christian Donaldson (Despised Icon, Get The Shot, Cryptopsy) is something to

NEWS: Display of Decay fight the Legion of Doom!

Paying homage to nerdy endeavors such as Mass Effect and Diablo while being soaked in a Metal formula known as Death Groove, the upcoming new album “Vitriol” from Canadians Display of Decay is a tantalising prospect. For their third advanced listen from that the band have chosen “Legion of Doom”, a Death Metal look at

Playthrough: “Harbinger” from Display Of Decay!

Canadians Display Of Decay have joined the current wave of bands releasing music with pop culture references to games like Diablo and Mass Effect with their upcoming fourth album “Vitriol” however there is also a darker undercurrent to it. Things like the mainstream media’s obsession with acts of senseless violence like school shootings that feeds

NEWS: Display of Decay announce “Vitriol”!

Cornerstones of the Canadian Death Metal scene for more than a decade, Display of Decay are preparing to unleash a fourth studio album “Vitriol”, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy. Relentless brutality in razor sharp riffs, groove laden bass lines and larynx threatening vocals, the lyrical content blends references to Diablo and Mass