Playthrough: “Harbinger” from Display Of Decay!

Canadians Display Of Decay have joined the current wave of bands releasing music with pop culture references to games like Diablo and Mass Effect with their upcoming fourth album “Vitriol” however there is also a darker undercurrent to it. Things like the mainstream media’s obsession with acts of senseless violence like school shootings that feeds into the fears of a nation are covered in a politically and socially aware record that is laced with an Old School Groove Death Metal formula that will grab your attention. The band have shared a playthrough video for a second single in “Harbinger” from that with Gore House Productions set to release the record on 20th October. Pre-orders are of course available over at bandcamp.

The band shares what’s in store: “Harbinger is definitely one of the most technically challenging songs, if not the MOST technically challenging on the record. A frenzy from start to finish, this track features a wide range of dynamics stretching from sweep picking, and octaves, to full-on chaos! Lyrically, it’s entirely based on Mass Effect and the Reaper invasion, because as previously mentioned, nerds.”

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