Playthrough: “The Mixture” by Volumes!

It’s going to be interesting to see who takes the place of Gus Farias in Volumes on “The Simulation Tour” headlined by Born Of Osiris and featuring Defying Decay and Oceans Ate Alaska following the news here of his exit from the band. Quit or Pushed there seems to be more to this tale, especially as the band stuck by the vocalist despite Heroin and Xanax issues in the past. Also interesting is that he’s announced he’s going to focus on a solo rap career under the moniker Yung Yogi, despite beefing with former Volumes vocalist Michael Barr after he exited stage left in 2015 to focus on a solo career outside of Metal. Anyway… here’s drum cam footage of Emmure sticksman Josh Miller joining Volumes for “The Mixture” on the final day of Attila’s Ragefest on 25th August 2018…

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