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Interview: Volumes talk “Happier?” with Wall Of Sound!

It has to be said and no pun intended that Volumes are all together different animals in 2021 with the line up changes that have occurred in recent times, however their new album “Happier?” sounds very much like the band of old with original vocalist Michael Barr back on board. He spoke to Australian’s Wall

NEWS: Volumes simply can’t get enough…

Having unveiled a huge US tour trek with Varials, UnityTX and Kingsmen that will run for a month from Mesa Arizona to Anaheim California a couple of days ago, Volumes have delivered their fourth new single since the return of vocalist Michael Barr. That new one is called “Get Enough” and with the band being

Bootleg: Volumes in Hawaii!

Playing new single “Holywater” for the first time, the new line up of Volumes were filmed at Hawaiian Brian’s in Honolulu Hawaii. Interestingly the set includes “Feels Good” a single that appeared after Michael Barr left the group and completely skips over the material from the more recent “Coming Clean” EP, instead going back to

Throwback: “Intake” by Volumes!

It’s with heavy hearts that for the second week running we’re paying tribute to a fallen Metal hero gone before due time. The news of the passing of former Volumes guitarist Diego Farias on Friday at just 27 years of age seemed surreal and now a couple of days on, has left us shell shocked.

Bootleg: “The Mixture” from Volumes at Swanfest!

After single “Holywater” and the announcement that Michael Barr was back in Volumes yesterday, today they have released a full statement on the line up changes after playing their cards close to their collective chests. It seems that with guitarist Diego Farias having made a name for himself as a producer in his own right

NEWS: Volumes new lineup sprinkle the “Holywater”!

“I know it’s over. Don’t make me drag you by the neck facedown the pavement one last time” is just one of the brutal unclean vocal lines from the brand new single “Holywater” which dropped from Volumes via Fearless Records today. The track which features no clean singing came with the news that Michael Barr

Bootleg: “Wormholes” from Volumes!

Filmed back in July 2016 at the Holmdel New Jersey stop of the Vans Warped Tour, here’s “Wormholes” that sees DJentlemen Volumes joined by Marc Okubo from Veil of Maya. According to now former vocalist Gus Farias via social media, the band kicked him out so they could get in former vocalist Michael Barr. Now

Playthrough: “The Mixture” by Volumes!

It’s going to be interesting to see who takes the place of Gus Farias in Volumes on “The Simulation Tour” headlined by Born Of Osiris and featuring Defying Decay and Oceans Ate Alaska¬†following the news here of his exit from the band. Quit or Pushed there seems to be more to this tale, especially as

NEWS: Born Of Osiris to Simulate March!

March is going to see “The Simulation Tour” trek across Europe in March with headliners Born Of Osiris joined by Volumes, Oceans Ate Alaska and Defying Decay all taking to the stage. We know that after the surprise release of EP “Coming Clean” in April via Fearless Records that Volumes have been working on their