Listmania: 5x Tech-Fest 2020 Possibilities! Part #2: Headliners!

For those not in the know, it’s time for us to spin you some yarn. You see Metal Noise was created in the aftermath of Tech-Fest in 2017, it was inspired by the four days of wall to wall Metal and so you could say that Metal Noise would not exist if it wasn’t for Tech-Fest. Subsequently we’ve attended and reviewed the 2018 and 2019 events with 2020 firmly in our sights. Now, prior to Tech-Fest 2018 we did a speculative little feature that pointed the finger at 10, well technically 11, bands that we thought could appear at the annual event at Newark Showground. It’s something we didn’t do in 2019 but it’s by popular demand (and after the first wave of bands have been announced) that we present our possibilities for the 2020 incarnation in part #2 of a creature double feature. This one is focused on the possible top end…

Perhaps not a headliner but Melbourne Australia’s Thornhill have been making waves since single “Reptile” and have stepped up their game with “The Dark Pool” a seriously impressed live in support of Wage War. They’d be an ideal pick for Saturday evenings entertainment on the main stage.

Allegedly recording a new album with Michael Barr back in the fold to replace Gus Farias, Volumes will be back upon our shores in March. They’re DJentlemen who know where the groove is at and would be a decent headlining shout if they’re doing a European Festival run having previously spent many a summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

Tech-Fest has always had its fair share of Technical Death Metal bands and as the seventh studio album “The Outer Ones” from Revocation will be approaching the 18 month age by the time the festival comes around, a headlinging spot before going to the studio for their next album would be simply amazing.

Now if we’ve got Revocation then Larimer County, Colorado Technical Death Metallers Allegaeon are an absolute must. April 2019’s “Apoptosis” is a killer record and vocalist Riley McShane is not only a great musician but incredibly enthusiastic about what the band does. Having seen them with Obscura a couple of years ago, they would be a mighty fine choice.

Our final pick would be for the Sunday headliner. Finnish Progressive Metallers Amorphis are celebrating their 30th Anniversary in 2020 and have evolved in that time from a Death Metal act to one with Progressive Metal tenancies. So stylistically at least they’d be a shoe in and having headlined a sold out show at Camden Electric Ballroom in the recent past, playing the main stage wouldn’t be a challenge. So there you have it, our 10 possible acts that could play this summer’s incarnation of Tech-Fest!

Tech-Fest will take place across the weekend of 2nd-6th July 2020 at Newark Showground. Tickets for the Technical, Progressive and damn straight Underground Metal event of the summer are available here. We’d like to take a moment and say that this piece is in no way sponsored by Tech-Fest and we have no inside information from Simon Garrod or any of the organizers! It’s just a piece of speculative fun!

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