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Exclusive Interview: Majin talk “District Violet”, covers and Dreadworm!

Having recently released a slab of mighty fine Nu-Metalcore tinged Deathcore in “District Violet“, we got talking to Majin vocalist Sam Walley about the evolution of their World. They’ve come a long way since 2020’s debut EP “Warpath” with line up changes, waterfall single releases and covers slowly terraforming the planet to their blueprint. More

Playthrough: “Sleep It Away” from Majin!

How do you continue to promote a new EP once it’s already landed in internet land, the music videos and reviews and interviews are done? Well for South Coast Nu-Metalcore aggressors Majin they’ve turner to the humble playthrough video as they look to have some fun while taking “District Violet” to a new level. To

Review: “District Violet” by Majin

Born out of a mutual love of Cyberpunk and Japanese culture, Majin have spent the past four years carving out their corner of the Nu-Metalcore sound space. The south coast quartet have been sharing stages with everyone from Bitterwood to Tyrants to Feel Shame since their debut EP “Warpath” appeared in May 2020. At the

NEWS: Majin bring it back with an Iron Fist!

A week before their sophomore EP “District Violet” drops, South Coast Deathcore institution Majin have unvieled another new cut from it in “Manji Back Fist” which dials into the bands deep rooted Japanese culture and Cyberpunk inspirations. Having added to their repertoire with KoRn, Slipknot and Desolated covers in recent times they’re itching to break

NEWS: Majin reach dead end with Desolated cover?

The excruciatingly painful wait for the new Majin EP “District Violet” is almost over with the arrival of Desolated cover “Dead End“. The record, which has already seen “Devil Transformation“, “Transcend” and “Sleep It Away” fall from the sky like the meteorite from Deep Impact will finally arrive on 5th May so expect a wealth

NEWS: Majin begin the ascent to a new realm of hate…

Continuing to cut their path through the urban jungle with a broad sword of Cyberpunk inspired Deathcore brutality are Majin with the quartet dropping another viciously barbed little ditty in “Transcend” for your listening pleasure. The band, who also love a bit of DJent fuelled hatred have come along way since debut EP “Warpath” with

NEWS: Majin cry for sleep…

It seems that the warpath has lead Majin to “District Violet” and while their sophomore EP remains as yet undated, the first single from the lovers of all things Cyberpunk has been gifted to us in “Sleep It Away” alongside the cover artwork. Once again produced, mixed and mastered by Jack Boulton at Ruin Studios,

NEWS: Majin grow fangs…?

Fresh from a hometown show with Harbinger and Dreameater, Nu-Metalcore enthusiasts Majin have dropped a new single “Devil Transformation” which features a guest appearance from C4$PA-308 and once again was produced, mixed and mastered by Jack Boulton at Ruin Studios. Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t harmed in the making of the video although a wealth of extras

NEWS: Majin expose the Matrix of Skynet!

It’s that time once more. Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have dropped another sizzling hot cut hot on the heels of “The Mechanics Of Suffering”. Titled “Obsidian Skyline” and ironically enough appearing a week after Northlane released an album called “Obsidian“, this one features a guest appearance from Louis Savvy and was produced, mixed

Bootleg: “Cold Embrace” from Majin!

The arrival of not only a new single in “The Mechanics of Suffering” a couple of weeks back but a guest vocal appearance exchange that saw Mason Probus of California Slamming Deathcore brutes Dreadworm join forces with Majin before vocalist Sam Walley gave his throat to “Oblivion” was a pleasure we’re still floored by. So