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NEWS: Majin expose the Matrix of Skynet!

It’s that time once more. Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have dropped another sizzling hot cut hot on the heels of “The Mechanics Of Suffering”. Titled “Obsidian Skyline” and ironically enough appearing a week after Northlane released an album called “Obsidian“, this one features a guest appearance from Louis Savvy and was produced, mixed

Bootleg: “Cold Embrace” from Majin!

The arrival of not only a new single in “The Mechanics of Suffering” a couple of weeks back but a guest vocal appearance exchange that saw Mason Probus of California Slamming Deathcore brutes Dreadworm join forces with Majin before vocalist Sam Walley gave his throat to “Oblivion” was a pleasure we’re still floored by. So

NEWS: Majin and Dreadworm trade vocalists…

Featuring a guest vocal appearance from Mason Probus of California Slammers Dreadworm, Southampton Nu-Metalcore outfit Majin have dropped “The Mechanics of Suffering” at the same time as Dreadworm themselves have dropped “Oblivion” that features a guest vocalĀ  appearance from Sam Walley of Majin. That’s the kind of trade that everyone can enjoy with one of

NEWS: Majin suffer deaths cold embrace…

…with a cut that the band are calling one of their darkest, heaviest and personal favourite songs to date, South Coast Deathcore outfit Majin have unveiled a music video shot at Nu Game Arcade in Southampton by Joey Aitchison of JWA Creations for a new single called “Cold Embrace“. The cut is something of a

NEWS: Majin take on “The Heretic Anthem”!

Having already covered the Nu-Metal classic that is “Freak On A Leash” by KoRn in their short time together, Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore outfit Majin have turned their sniper scope to target a personal favourite in Slipknot classic “The Heretic Anthem“. That has surfaced just a few weeks after the tragic death of former Slipknot

NEWS: Majin joined by In Retrospect in the Winter of discontent!

After the announcement that Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore outfit Majin will be joining InVisions, ChuggaBoom and Asleep At the Helm at the annual Holloween Party of Our Hollow Our Home on 30th October at The 1865, the band will be starting 2022 off right with a trio of shows win In Retrospect locked in for

NEWS: Majin re-record debut single “Argent Cell: ETRNL”!

Still very much on the Warpath, Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have unleashed a fresh version of a track that was their first ever single. Retitled “Argent Cell: ETRNL” this one has been fully re recorded, remixed and had some minor changes to the one that was released a year ago. When we say

NEWS: Majin dream in binary… Welcome to the Matrix!

Southampton Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore collective Majin have continued to let the new singles fall like acid rain on our parade with their latest burnt offering “Binary Incantation” being their fifth in all since debut EP “Warpath” dropped in May 2020. All of that means that the band have decent live set worth of tracks down

The Black Map #147: Majin from Southampton!

From last week’s Manchester Thrash trio Beyond Salvation we head to the south coast to talk about Nu-Metalcore merchants Majin. A band who had an incredible 2020, despite lockdown by building their name and reputation with some Cyberpunk influenced Deathcore singles in follow up to their debut EP “Warpath” and a surprise KoRn cover. For