NEWS: Majin begin the ascent to a new realm of hate…

Continuing to cut their path through the urban jungle with a broad sword of Cyberpunk inspired Deathcore brutality are Majin with the quartet dropping another viciously barbed little ditty in “Transcend” for your listening pleasure. The band, who also love a bit of DJent fuelled hatred have come along way since debut EP “Warpath” with the regular waterfall release of singles keeping their stock high. They’ve got a pair of shows lined up in April as follows…

06/04 – Norwich, Brick Makers / Metal 2 The Masses guest headliner

07/04 – Southampton, Suburbia

The band comment: ““Transcend” explores the idea of the singularity, A hypothetical point in time in which Artificial Intelligence becomes capable of replicating newer and better versions of itself. In our story the Singularity manifests itself as E. L. E¬† (The Extinction Level Event software) a malevolent and calculated being and the cruel overseer of district Violet. Transcend is story of her rise to power and omnipotence. Transcending time and space. Formless. You will know my name. This message has been brought to you by the Military¬†and Justice Information Network (M.A.J.I.N) of District Violet

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