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NEWS: Weeping Wound find new love?

It maybe three years since they dropped their debut album “Pain” but the return of South West Florida Nu-Metalcore quartet Weeping Wound with their second single of 2022 in “fourthh.love” is a welcome one. It continues the bands trend for strange and yet seductive song titles as they prepare to play Kentucky Irate Festival at

NEWS: VCTMS tag team Weeping Wound for “Pull From The Hurt”!

Be warned as viewer discretion is advised for another pre-release music video from the upcoming album “Vol IV. Numb The Ache” from VCTMS. As the title suggests, the chamber spins four for the Nu-Metalcore merchants with Dylan Torre and Patrick Dowling of Weeping Wound making their presence felt on “Pull From The Hurt“, which follows

NEWS: Weeping Wound return to the pain they know?

Nu-Metalcore is the style that South West Florida quartet Weeping Wound have chosen to make their own for their debut full length album “Pain” which is out now via Stay Sick Recordings. The band have returned to it for a much video for “OvrDozr” and while we can’t usually be bothered with the whole word corruption thing

Review: “The Product Of Self Hatred” EP by Grieve

From five songs came three pre-release singles from a debut EP that features a trio of guest vocal appearances to ensure that Orlando Florida outfit Grieve not only get your attention with “The Product Of Self Hatred” but most importantly have fun doing it. Across the pre-release singles the quartet – vocalist Corbus, guitarist Dylan,

Review: “Crucify Me” by Dead Crown

After the release of their EP “Come Hell” it only seemed natural that Portland Oregon residents Dead Crown would get picked up by Stay Sick Recordings. They’re a perfect fit for the kind of band that have been appearing on their roster of late and so to see the quartet – Brent Sheffield (Bass), Bryton

NEWS: Weeping Wound beg your pardon!

One album which is on our “to review” list is “Pain” from South West Florida quartet Weeping Wound. It’s been on our decks of death since it appeared on 13th September via Stay Sick Recordings offering a Nu-Metalcore vibe that is impressive. They’ve put out a video for “Pardon (A Soliloquy)”, an off kilter slam poetry

Playthrough: “Pain(t me)” from Weeping Wound!

Stay Sick Recordings released “Pain” from Weeping Wound last week, an album that takes the best of Nu-Metal and Gloom stylings and cuts them together to make its own sound. Drummer Kevin Langley has recorded a playthrough for “Pain(t Me)”, which has groove for days. So if you’re interested, check it out!

NEWS: are Weeping Wound dope?

So… is the Chris Fronzak and Frankie Palmeri feud now put to bed? It would seem so with the Emmure frontman making a guest vocal appearance on the new single from Stay Sick Recordings signed Weeping Wound. The lyrically bizarre Nu-Metalcore track “Dope” is another one in a string of singles that will hopefully eventually

NEWS: Weeping Wound get suckered in by “GhostMold”!

Imagine a band that crossed Loathe with KoRn to create a signature sound that got the best of both Worlds in a Nu-Metalcore vibe that works? Well Weeping Wound, who are signed to Stay Sick Recordings are a band that do exactly that. Here’s their latest new tune “GhostMold” so you can check it out

Playthrough: “23[23]23” from Weeping Wound!

South West Florida quartet Weeping Wound are probably not the latest edition to the Stay Sick Recordings roster given how quickly Chris Fronzak and his team are locating bands, signing them up and launching their material. But they are among the more intriguing prospects on the label at the moment. When we first heard single