Review: “The Product Of Self Hatred” EP by Grieve

From five songs came three pre-release singles from a debut EP that features a trio of guest vocal appearances to ensure that Orlando Florida outfit Grieve not only get your attention with “The Product Of Self Hatred” but most importantly have fun doing it. Across the pre-release singles the quartet – vocalist Corbus, guitarist Dylan, drummer Eddie and bassist Jake create a sound that transcends a trio of Metal sub-genres in Nu-Metalcore, Downtempo Deathcore and of course Nu-Metal itself so the promise is 15 minutes of pure furious energy.

Ruthlessly relentlessly hamming nails into your skull, “Snake Eater” has the kind of vicious start that will get Mosh Pits going instantly. It’s a track with plenty of twists and turns, slowing down for some turntable scratch work for example while at the same time piling thick slabs of chugging riffs on top of each other in fine fashion. Corbus has beef, someone has been lying to his face and he doesn’t like it. Calling them out with a menacing groove underneath a finger pointing rager is just the start. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher fame is the first of a trio of guests to appear on “The Product Of Self Hatred” and he joins for “Death Rattle“, a track that takes no prisoners. Groove is the order of the day and the swirling thunderous riffs are an absolute pleasure. There are passages that bring to mind the debut from Weeping Wound with dirty distorted samples and if you were sleepy when you pushed play, you’ll be leaping like you sucked down a trio of cans of Monster back to back by the end.

The rants and raves of “Neglected” rap screams it’s its way through the parade like the evil clown at a carnival, not the Nu-Metal introspection lyrically but a finger pointing rager. A classic Nu-Metal breakdown and lyrics that bark and bite with excellent flow and the programming leads straight into “Blank“. A far heavier track that features a guest appearance from VCTMS vocalist John Matalone it leaves behind the cleaner vocals and spaces between heavier guitar parts and goes full throttle chug. It’s Gloom Metal stylings and haunting eerie atmospheric tension building lead part makes it a stand out moment. The bass solo into the swinging final breakdown and programmed beats are something unworldly. “Ribcage” sees James Lewis take a turn in the light with some loathing, bitter and twisted lyrics delivered over crushing riffs. “I’m disgusted by your very existence” is the call before the Deathcore growl is a hard hitting reminder of what Grieve are about and the post distorted sample Downtempo Deathcore breakdown is nothing short of brutally brilliant. Grieve are here to stay [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Snake Eater
  2. Death Rattle (ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
  3. Neglected
  4. Blank (ft. John Matalone of VCTMS)
  5. Ribcage (ft. James Lewis)

The Product Of Self Hatred” by Grieve is out now

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