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NEWS: Hollow Front won’t get “Left Behind”!

Grand Rapids Michigan Metalcore collective Hollow Front have a week of shows booked courtesy of Artery Global that will see them at Annihilation Fest in Toledo Ohio with the likes of Atreyu and Whitechapel on 8th November! They’ve delivered on long teased new single for the trek with “Left Behind” out today!

Playthrough: “Our Endless War” from Whitechapel!

Whitechapel sticksman Alex Rudinger has enlisted the help of Periphery bassist Adam “Nolly” Getgood to mix the drums on a sequence of playthrough videos recorded during some tour rehearsals Tennessee. The kit he recorded the title track of the album “Our Endless War” on was the one he used for the first Good Tiger album…

Review: “Thresholds” by The Curse Of Millhaven

“You must have heard about the Curse of Millhaven, How last Christmas BillĀ  Blake’s little boy didn’t come home. They found him the next week, up in One Mile creek. With his head bashed in and his pockets full of stones. Well, just imagine all the wailing and moaning. La la-la-la, la la-la-lie. Even Bill

Review: “Pre-Mediated” by TripleMurder

Hailing from Ottawa Ontario Canada and being quartet, Drummer Zachary Le May, Bassist Erich Mueller, Vocalist Mike Eron and Guitarist Maxwell Fortin-Proulx probably have the poshest names available to contrast the their moniker TripleMurder. We mean… How many homicidal maniacs have you met with a double barrel name that want to blast you with both

Review: “Malignant Domination” by Cognizance

When people like Metal Injection are describing you as “One of the best damn Technical Death Metal bands out there” and you’ve managed to get the mighty Jason Suecof (Trivium, Devildriver, Whitechapel) to do the mixing not to mention John Douglas to do the mastering on your new album, then you’re surely onto a winner?

Review: “Human Target” by Thy Art Is Murder

Vocalist CJ McMahon, guitarists Sean Delander and Andy Marsh, drummer Jesse Beahler and bassist Kevin Butler may not like it much but their band Thy Art Is MurderĀ are considered to be at the forefront of the Deathcore scene. In fact, in the press release for this album, they call themselves a Blackened Death Metal band.

Playthrough: “Father of Lies” from Whitechapel!

Possibly soon to be named the permanent sticksman of Whitechapel, Alex Rudinger has laid down a drum playthrough of “Father of Lies” from the bands 2008 album “This Is Exile”. As the album wasn’t recorded to a click track, guitarist Zach Householder created a custom tempo mapping and slowed things down for a better live

Documentary: Underside in London!

Our favourite Nepalese Metalcore band Underside recently joined Whitechapel at the O2 Academy in Islington London and have shared a couple of minutes of vlog footage so you too can enjoy the raw live atmosphere of one of their live sets! We had the pleasure of witnessing one of their performances when they joined Cancer

Review: “Original Plague” by Amanita Virosa

Returning for their sophomore album are Hospital Metallers Amanita Virosa, hailing from Finland. What’s Hospital Metal we hear your cry? It’s a Symphonic fusion of Black Metal and Death Metal. The follow up to 2015’s “Asystole” has been four years in the making, with some of these songs appearing in live shows at least a

NEWS: The MTV Headbangers Ball tour is back!

If you missed Whitechapel or Dysncarnate this summer your will get another chance to catch them upon our shores in December. Once again a single UK show at the Camden Electric Ballroom taking place on 5th December will see the pair join Kataklysm, Fleshgod Apocalypse as part of this year’s incarnation of the MTV Headbangers