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Playthrough: “Blood Letter” by Jared Dines!

The seconds of five drum playthrough videos from former Whitechapel and Intronaut drummer Alex Rudinger for the cuts he performed on the new Jared Dines album “The Grey” has surfaced in “Blood Letter“. Available over at bandcamp the album is a huge sixteen track affair that was two years in the making and features a

Playthrough: “Dreams That Will Never Be” from Jared Dines!

There is an eerie symetry with the new album “The Grey” from Jared Dines with a collection of things being done in 5 on the record. For example, there are 5 different mixers (Matt Thomas, Hiram Hernandez, Jared Dines, Aaron Smith, Clayton Blue), 5 different producers (Hiram Hernandez, Matt Thomas, Aaron Smith, Drewsif Stalin, Jared

NEWS: Jared Dines is Alive!

If like us you were wondering where Jared Dines had gone this past couple of years then you’ll be be over joyed to see that he’s returned after a two year absence from YouTube with a monster of an album in “The Grey“. The multi instrumentalist has been working with a who’s who of the

NEWS: Machine Head declare “No Gods, No Masters”!

As the countdown to their European co-headlining tour with Amon Amarth and The Halo Effect continues, the long awaited concept album “Of Kingdom And Crown” from Oakland Californians Machine Head has finally arrived with a music video for “No Gods, No Masters” marking the release date in style. Recorded with Zach Ohren, drummer Navene Koperweis

Playthrough: “The Ones That Made Us” from Whitechapel!

While he may no longer be part of Deathcore transcending American act Whitechapel, Alex Rudinger is still an incredible drummer and solely responsible for percussive battery on their current album “Kin“. He’s shared what he promises is the first of four one take playthrough videos for cuts from that record in “The Ones That Made

NEWS: Machine Head detail “Of Kingdom And Crown”!

Loosely inspired by the Japanese anime series ‘Attack On Titan‘, Bay Area Thrash Metal act Machine Head have detailed their tenth studio album “Of Kingdom And Crown” which is set for 26th August via Nuclear Blast. Recorded with Zach Ohren, drummer Navene Koperweis (Entheos, Whitechapel, Animals As Leaders) rather than live drummer Matt Alston (Devilment)

Review: “Summary Execution” by Bludgeoned

Once upon a time mob justice ruled the lands with angry gatherings of people armed with pitchforks, knives and axes baying for blood while claiming to be attending to Gods work. Their brand of justice nothing more than a bloodlust in which they convince each other of the guilt of a perceived perpetrator of a

NEWS: Whitechapel prepare for War…

Deathcore transcending Whitechapel have have shared a music video for “Anticure” from their brilliant new album “Kin“, their first with drummer extrodinare Alex Rudinger. While we await European tour dates around that album having lost out on shows around “The Valley“, the band will be hitting the road in the US with Cannibal Corpse, Shadow

NEWS: Shadow Of Intent get furious with Elegy!

The long awaited fourth studio album from Shadow Of Intent has finally landed with the return of keyboard virtuoso Francesco Ferrini of Fleshgod Apocalypse to add the symphonic embellishments to Chris Wiseman’s crushing guitar work, not to mention a pair of guest vocal appearances from Chuck Billy of Testament and Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel. So

Documentary: “The Making Of Elegy #1” from Shadow Of Intent!

Featuring guest appearances from Chuck Billy of Testament and Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel fame as well as keyboard virtuoso Francesco Ferrini of Fleshgod Apocalypse the upcoming fourth album from Deathcore titans  Shadow Of Intent is a mouthwatering prospect. If those appearances weren’t enough, the album also sees the band joined by new drummer Bryce Butler