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Review: “Ulter Praefinitum” by Wretched Tongues

Adorned in the superb artwork of Caelan Stokkermans (Vesperian Sorrow, Vomit The Soul, Abiotic) and tracked, mixed and mastered at Key Recordings (I The Breather, Reflections, False Images) “Ulter Praefinitum”, ‘beyond the end’, is the full length debut album from Manchester New Hampshire’s Wretched Tongues who, after a trio of well received EPs in 2020’s “The

NEWS: Wretched Tongues question their mortality?

Continuing the reign of terror from Vicious Instinct Records in recent times, Wretched Tongues given up a third burnt offering from their highly anticipated new album of Deathcore brutality, “Ulter Praefinitum“. Having pounded us into dust with ‘Into The Nothing‘ and ‘Call Of The Chasm‘, the quintet have switched from Scotch Bonnet to Carolina Reaper

NEWS: Wretched Tongues hear the call…

New England’s Wretched Tongues have inked a deal in blood with the rising force that is Vicious Instinct Records (Djinn-Ghül, Nihility, Inhuman Architects) to release their new album “Ulter Praefinitum” on 18th March and have dropped “Call Of The Chasm” to warm you up for the Technical Deathcore monstrosity. Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Key

NEWS: Wretched Tongues in search of new light?

After 4 years and 3 EPs New England Heavy Wretched Tongues have announced their signing with Vicious Instinct Records by premiering “Into The Nothing“, a savage new cut from the bands debut full length “Ulter Praefinitum” complete with a video directed by Eric DiCarlo (Bodysnatcher) from SquareUp Studios. 18th March 2022 might seem like an

NEWS: Wretched Tongues pray for “Severance”!

Eric DiCarlo from SquareUp Studios once again enhances his growing reputation with a music video for the new Wretched Tongues single “Severance“. The director, who handled all of the music videos for the current Bodysnatcher album “This Heavy Void” has given the Deathcore collective from Manchester New Hampshire a killer edge, also enhanced by Jeff

NEWS: Wretched Tongues debut “Dismal;Eternal”!

March 2019 saw Manchester New Hampshire Deathcore collective Wretched Tongues tap up the vocal talents of Jamie Hanks of I Declare War for the title track of their EP “The Absence of Light“. That was slated for an appearance last summer that didn’t materialize but the band have now hit back with “Dismal;Eternal“. The song,

NEWS: Wretched Tongues curse “The Absence of Light”!

Manchester New Hampshire Deathcore quintet Wretched Tongues are joined by Jamie Hanks of I Declare War for the title track of their new EP “The Absence Of Light”. The tune marks their first with new vocalist Adam Spencer while the EP is slated to appear this summer…