NEWS: Wretched Tongues question their mortality?

Continuing the reign of terror from Vicious Instinct Records in recent times, Wretched Tongues given up a third burnt offering from their highly anticipated new album of Deathcore brutality, “Ulter Praefinitum“. Having pounded us into dust with ‘Into The Nothing‘ and ‘Call Of The Chasm‘, the quintet have switched from Scotch Bonnet to Carolina Reaper to dial up another notch with the indescribable intensity of ‘Mortality‘. Adorned in the incredible artwork of Caelan Stokkermans (Vesperian Sorrow, Vomit The Soul, Abiotic) you can get your paws on a copy of “Ulter Praefinitum” on 18th March with pre-orders available over at bandcamp.

Speaking about their new single Wetched Tongues have offered these intriguing thoughts… “Mortality starts with our main character awakening from a strange vision, finding that he has been physically moved from where he had fallen unconscious. Unsure if this was a dream, or a memory of his own or of another life, he tries to make sense of things while his surroundings shift and their inner workings are revealed to him. What can it all mean in the end? What is this place of death? Mortality is a sonic assault from start to finish. It fully embodies the panic and stress of this part of our journey through The Nothing and the overwhelming sense of dread throughout.

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