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Playthrough: Upsurge from SeeYouSpaceCowboy!

The third incantation of Upsurge Festival looks as likely as getting away with living a Champagne lifestyle on a Lemonade budget for a decade and getting away with it, however David Tan still has footage from last year’s event to roll out. Filmed by Daniel Howard, here’s dedicated drum cam footage capturing SeeYouSpaceCowboy sticksman Byran

Review: “The Great Dying” EP by Nadir

Everyone has heard of Backend Thrash but what does Blackened Hardcore sound like? Read on, check out this EP and you’ll find out. Hailing from Oslo Norway Nadir, comprised of current and former members of Jagged Vision and Ocean Dweller are a quartet with their collective roots in the radioactive soil of Black Metal. Not wanting to rest

NEWS: WristMeetRazor salute Brandon Lee!

Prosthetic Records have released a “winter 2020” recorded live version of “Take Your Shot Funboy“. The original was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording and Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege before being released as one of a pair of singles especially for Halloween 2019. We Reviewed them as we love that reference to

Review: “Black Planet/Take Your Shot, Funboy” by WristMeetRazor!

Recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording and Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, WristMeetRazor have released a pair of singles especially for Halloween, or Devil’s Night if you prefer. The first new material since the bands major label debut album in January entitled “Misery Never Forgets” via Prosthetic Records, the quartet of guitarist vocalist

Playthrough: “Distance Is Darkness” from WristMeetRazor!

Toxic Toast Records in Long Beach California is the venue for WristMeetRazor sticksman Bryan Prosser to smash out this cover over “Distance Is Darkness” by As I Lay Dying followed by their very own 1716 in quick succession! If you’ve haven’t heard it then “Misery Never Forgets” is something worth checking out!

Bootleg: WristMeetRazor at Toxic Toast!

Long Beach California at Toxic Toast Records is where you’ll find WristMeetRazor in this Pro-Shot full set from 197 Media. They let loose in January with “Misery Never Forgets” appearing via Prosthetic Records! They’re currently out in the US with SeeYouSpaceCowboy.

Bootleg: WristMeetRazor in California!

Here’s a pro-shot full set from WristMeetRazor performing in Fullerton, California at Programme Skate and Sound on 11th March! Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording and Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, they dropped “Misery Never Forgets” on 18th January, a 9 track full length which is available over at bandcamp.