NEWS: Following the Signs fight for their birthright!

Seemingly not content to rest of their laurels after last year’s sophomore album “Conflictions“, Cork five-piece, Following the Signs have delivered a concrete slab of high-voltage Metal with new single “Birthright“. Another journey down the left hand path, it matches the intensive heavy aural structure, and powerful lyrics of the bands prior convictions while harnessing

NEWS: Hammerfilosofi begin the hunt!

Mastered by Magnus “Devo” Andersson at Endarker Studios during the Spring of 2024, a second record from Black Metal duo Hammerfilosofi represents a new fiery assault on the senses. An EP titled “Solus (Igne Natura Renovator Integra)“; four psalms of relentless, multi-layered and hellish madness is on the horizon for 13th September. The warning shot

NEWS: Orange Goblin begin their ascendency!

Peaceville Records have given us a fourth single from the new Orange Goblin album “Science, Not Fiction” ahead of it’s 19th July release via the label. Titled “Ascend The Negative” and partnered with a music video directed by Marek Pugh of Live Evil fame, it finds the Stoner Metal overlords in their prime. They also

Bootleg: Street Soldier at Donfest 2024!

Pro-shot by Zoe Smith and Sean Pitcam at day 2 of Donfest at Eiger Studios in Leeds on Sunday 5th May, a full set from Street Soldier is a thing of beauty. The purveyors of “Original Murda Material” also benefit from having audio recorded and mixed by Cameron Wilson of Lunchbox Productions. If you like

NEWS: Atavistia premier “Unattained Creation”!

Celebrating the release of a scorching new EP in “Inane Ducam“, Canadian Progressive Technical Death Metal masters Atavistia have premiered a music video for one of its finest moments in “Unattained Creation“. The record has been used to introduce new blood with guitarist Dalton Meaden and bassist D’wayne Murray have exited stage left to be

Review: “Helvetet Pa Jorden” by Dead Man’s Path

A Swedish Death Metal band hailing from the deep forests of Dalecarlia, Dead Man’s Path were formed in late 2019 by guitarist Jonas Axelsson (Totem Skin) and vocalist Pontus Dahlin (The Memory Returns). Drawing inspiration from the very roots of the genre and bands like At The Gates, Entombed and Cannibal Corpse the five piece are

Documentary: Clawfinger at Sommer Am Kiez Festival!

What is summer without a Festival road trip? Swedish Rap Metal legends Clawfinger filmed their run to Sommer Am Kiez Festival in Augsburg for s***s and giggles because… Why not? Confessions of dumb s*** on the road and not being cool is cool. All that after “Biggest & Best” from 1997’s self titled album passed

NEWS: Our Hollow Our Home have one more season?

It’s starting to look like 2024 is going to be a bittersweet year for Our Hollow Our Home as the South Coast Metalcore heroes are shaping up to release their fourth and final album which could well be their finest hour. Having rebuilt the band from the ground up around him, vocalist and guitarist Tobias

Bootleg: Mammoth Caravan in Tulsa!

It’s not often that this happens but having announced their next record “Frostbitten Galaxy” for 4th October via Blade Setter Records, Little Rock Arkansas Doom trio Mammoth Caravan have begun playing the songs live. Not just one or two either. Oh no. Five of six of them are in this full set from The Whittier

NEWS: Defences refuse to perish?

It’s a bit of a cliché but Long Branch Records signings Defences are calling new single “Perish” the heaviest thing they have ever done as they continue the waterfall release of singles mixed and mastered by Annisokay guitarist and vocalist Christoph Wieczorek. If you missed it, the London Alternative Metal act have announced a run