Review: “Tulpa” by Linus Klausenitzer

When is a solo album not a solo album? That is the question and one open to interpretation. For some, a solo album means they do literally everything from playing all the instruments down to the mixing, mastering and even artwork. For others, one individual servers as a mastermind, gathering willing assistants to partake in

Bootleg: Tribe Of Ghosts at Bloodstock!

One of the most captivating live bands out there on Planet Metal, Tribe Of Ghosts are a band destined for greatness. If you haven’t already had the pleasure then this pro-shot full, a landmark occasion for the band as they play the Sophie Lancaster main stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival this past summer, is

NEWS: Semprus love to hate with Bound In Fear?

Taking full advantage of the guest appearance of the man, the myth and the legend that is Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Pintglass fame, Technical Death Metal purveyors Semprus have done the dirty and shared a music video for “Hatred“. The track takes pride of place on their sophomore EP “A Fractured Reality“,

Bootleg: Grove Street at Gruesifest!

“The Path To Righteousness” looks an awful lot like a walk through the valley of the shadow of death for Crossover Thrash crew Grove Street and just a few days after that new album has premiered, so has a pro-shot headlining full set. It took place at The Exchange in Bristol on 26th August and

Interview: Grymm Within talk Nirvana, Vesicarum and a new EP!

After unveiling the first single this past weekend, Vesicarum frontman Glynn Neve spoke to Shawn Snyman about his upcoming solo EP under the Grymm Within moniker on this fascinating new interview. The single is a striking cover of the Nirvana classic “Breed“, recorded in drop E and sounding like “Landfill” era Pitchshifter. The Sophie Lancaster

Review: “Breath of the Tomb” by Left To Rot

Adorned by artwork from illustrator, graphic designer and musician Matt Stikker (Witch Vomit, Exhumed, Power Trip), known for his love of Heavy Metal culture, horror movies and the occult, Austin Texas based Death Metal trio Left To Rot have declared their sophomore EP “Breath Of The Tomb“ fit for human consumption. Inspired by the likes

Throwback: “Slam Anthem” from Gama Bomb!

Ahead of a United Kingdom tour and the release of their new album “Bats“, we figure it’s about time we went on a trip down the yellow brick road that is memory lane for a bit of seminal Thrash from Irish overlords Gama Bomb. It’s been 21 years of muck and bullets from the riff

NEWS: Sour Times get down with the sickness!

Having originally surfaced as a standalone single at the end of October 2021, a remastered rendition of “Sickness” by Springfield Massachusetts Metalcore outfit Sour Times (From Under Concrete Kings, Seeking Sirens, Tetsuo, The Search For) has made its way into cyberspace. The new version of the track will take pride of place on the bands

NEWS: Sonus Mortis apply nostalgia to “Nanotech Required”!

Bringing back that old school video game nostalgia, Sonus Mortis have shared a MIDI rendition of “Nanotech Required” from last years “Collapse The Mountain“. Curiously it has surfaced just 25 days before the upcoming seventh studio album “Of Red Barren Earth” drops from the evolving project as Death-Doom with elements of Melodic Symphonic Black Metal

NEWS: Praise The Sun suffer split personality?

A year after their album “The Proffer of Light” reared its ugly head, female fronted Melodic Death Metal squad Praise The Sun have shared a brand new piece of the puzzle in “Alter Ego“. The five piece who hail from Warsaw Poland, shot a music video for the track, created with a little help from