NEWS: Weaponry re-recorded “Moving To Andromeda”!

When they originally recorded it, single “Moving To Andromeda” was just a demo to get something out there into the big wide world of internet transmissions. But the thing is… The recorded version didn’t do justice to the live staple so our boys in Weaponry went back and re-recorded it. It’s out now. Over on

NEWS: Leeched have Flatlined…

31st January has got Prosthetic Records licking their lips. Why? Because they’ll be shipping out the sophomore album “To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse” by none other than Leeched. Never dear though, pre-orders are still very much alive and kicking here. Produced and Mixed by Joe Clayton before getting Mastered by Brad Boatright at

NEWS: Left To Suffer are ready. Are you?

Atlanta Georgia natives Left To Suffer have tapped up the lesser spotter half of BroJob in Jacob Wallace for new single “Loathe” – and – having seen the work of Eric DiCarlo in the Directors chair for the recent Bodysnatcher music videos, they’ve tapped him up for it as well!

NEWS: Harmed break free of their “Metacortex”!

Just when we were wondering where Harmed had got to, they’ve resurfaced with a brand spanking shinny new shimmy worthy single entitled “Metacortex“! Recorded, mixed and mastered by the band themselves (well guitarist Gabor Toth does plenty of that for other bands at Ghost Ship Studios), it’s a ripper and the shape of Harmed To

NEWS: Bad Omens go large with Duran Duran cover!

The success of “Finding God Before God Finds Me” has ment that not even 6 months has elapsed before Sumerian Records have released a deluxe version of the album. When Bad Omens actually recorded the additional material is up for debate but Duran Duran cover “Coming Undone” has joined a music video for “Limits” out

NEWS: Antagonist A.D. burn with “Bloom”!

Celebrating their EP release with a lyric video for “Bloom“, Antagonist A.D will no doubt have big thanks to give Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou who recorded and mixed “Through Fire” at his very own God City Studios, while Brad Boatright handled the Mastering situation over at Audiosiege. This is only the beginning…

NEWS: Strangled get no “Sleep”!!

Oklahoma Beatdown Deathcore meets Slam crew Strangled promised a new track by the name “Sleep” to follow up their debut EP and not only have they delivered, bit they’ve also referenced “Bossman” by Street Soldier in doing so! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings, get ready for this one, they pulled

Live Review: Wage War w/Thornhill & DED @ O2 Academy Islington

The O2 Academy Islington London is our destination tonight for the penultimate show of the UK leg of the “Pressure” tour and there are two immediate no-no moments as we enter the venue that have facepalm written all over them. The first is that “Stitch” by Wage War is playing over the PA as the

NEWS: The Order Of Chaos announce “Breakpoint”!

The Order of Chaos have presented the new single “Breakpoint”, from their upcoming album entitled “Maniacal”. The single is the band’s first release in over 2 years since the release of the “Night Terror” EP with  their first full-length album “Apocalypse Moon” approaching it’s fifth anniversary. Guitarist John Simon Fallon comments: “Breakpoint” is one of the