Documentary: Vocal Pre-production with Alpha Wolf!

It looks like Alpha Wolf had Sabian Lynch in the studio with them, filming as they recorded their upcoming new album “A Quiet Place To Die“. They’ve shared this brief insight into the vocal preproduction with Lochie Keogh and with the album dropping on 25th September, they already have single “Akudama” out for your listening

NEWS: DVSR have “No Sugar” to fill your cup!

Another track from the as yet to be dated highly anticipated sophomore album “West Technique” from Australian Rap DJent act DVSR has surfaced. Entitled “No Sugar” it comes from an album mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void Of Vision), the follow up to their EP “Therapy” that the band literally gave away

Review: “Collusion” by Martyr Defiled (10th Anniversary)

26th September 2010 saw Lincoln Death Metallers Martyr Defiled follow up their debut album “Ecophaghy” with their sophomore effort “Collision“. Having called time on the band in 2018 after 5 albums together and with former members appearing in Magna Carta and Viscera since, we raised our eyebrows at appearances at Fury Fest and Tech-Fest were

Playthrough: “Composure” from August Burns Red!

Now in its 13th year, “Messengers” is still an album that is much loved by August Burns Red fans and fans of Metalcore today and if their 10th Anniversary tour trek for the album wasn’t evidence enough then we’d have to ask, what is? Matt Greiner loves “Composure” so much that despite the band’s new

NEWS JumpScare cover Lamb Of God!

It’s seems like as Lamb Of God have unveiled their self titled album, every band on the planet has lost their s*** and thrown out an cover of something by the Richmond Virginia Groove Metal quintet. Well maybe not every band. But Enterprise Earth have done so with a throat splitting rendition of “Now You’ve

Playthrough: Full set from Grove Street Families!

Courtesy of David Tan, here’s dedicated pro-shot drum cam footage of Grove Street Families drummer Josh Williams playing an entire set at Glasgow Classic Grand on 21st November 2019. The Southampton Hardcore Punks who love a bit of GTA are celebrating 7 years since their debut release this year and should it go ahead they’ll

NEWS: Acoustic rendition of “Crawling Up My Feet” from Junkowl!

Can a Hardcore Punk act with flavours of Everytime I Die and Cancer Bats pull off an acoustic version of one of their tracks? You’re about to find out as vocalist Jesse Frechette and guitarist Samuel Matte from Junkowl have done exactly that. The song they have chosen is “Crawling Up My Feet“, which received

Playthrough: “A Plague” from Carcosa!

Earlier this week Andrew Baena announced his new Canadian Deathcore project Carcosa from the ashes of Galactic Pegasus with first single “A Plague“. He’s joined by fellow 8 string merchant Cooper Lagace as they playthrough the track in drop E. All of this comes with the news that the band have an upcoming EP.

Bootleg: “Apollo” from Crystal Lake!

Japanese Metalcore merchants Crystal Lake have a reputation for a high adrenaline live show and having witnessed it on a couple of occasions we can tell you that it is justified. They are joined by members of Cane Hill as they performed single “Apollo” at Resurrection Fest in Spain this time last summer and pro-shot,

Documentary: Inside “The Way It Ends” with Currents!

While sat at home after the release of his bands fourth studio album “The Ways It Ends“, Currents guitarist Chris Wiseman has gone through the album track by track while the cameras are rolling for this new documentary. Based on this, what price that he follows Born Of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney and releases a