Review: “On the Advancement of Decay” by Sublation

Fifteen months after debut album “The Path to Bedlam” left scorch marks upon the tarmac in it’s critically acclaimed wake the return of Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Technical Death Metal duo Sublation with sophomore effort “On the Advancement of Decay” feels like a perfectly timed swing of the Executioner’s axe. Once again adorned by artwork from Misha Mono,

Exclusive Interview: Sonus Mortis talk “Of Red Barren Earth”!

When it comes down to brass tacks there are few who are as prolific as Kevin Byrne has been with album releases from his project Sonus Mortis. Exploring themes of corruption, dehumanisation, falsehoods, power imbalances and disillusionment with many societal structures with a desire to challenge the norms and the narratives presented to us, “Of

NEWS: Zombie Eater sacrifice “Dank Ritual”!

Helsinki Finland based Sludge Metal trio Zombie Eater have announced they have inked a deal in blood with Argonauta Records to release their debut album “Faces” in 2024. A highly anticipated record, it follows a pair of well received EPs in 2018’s “Slumberjack” and 2020’s “Greenskeeper” with which they marked their territory with sticky riffs

NEWS: Karnak Seti announce upcoming EP “Restos”!

Three demos, four albums and an EP deep into their career of sonic destruction, Portuguese Melodic Death Metal group Karnak Seti are preparing to drop a new record titled “Restos” on 12th January 2024. Ironically enough it would be their sophomore EP and second successive one, coming two years after “Dead End” and has been

Review: “Every Scream Became a Whisper in the Dark” by Break Fifty

Fusing together their love of classic late 90s elements with breakdowns and creating a hybrid blend of Hardcore influenced Nu-Metal, Break Fifty first arrived on the scene back in 2017 and able to hold their own with Beatdown and Deathcore bands they specialised in reducing venues to rubble. Unleashing an unholy trinity of singles in

NEWS: Waterlines premier Ultrabeat cover “Pretty Green Eyes // Elysium”!

Having survived Bloodstock, Tech-Fest and Radar Festivals this summer Waterlines have turned their blend of Metalcore, Nu-Metal and EDM party vibes to a cover to keep us warm this winter. Going straight Punk Goes Pop and getting some attention from the Fearless Records lawyers they’ve combined the Ultrabeat cult dance floor classics “Pretty Green Eyes” and

NEWS: Beyond The Hate refuse to die alone!

The campaign for a follow up to 2020 EP  “Betrayal Of Time” from Finnish Melodic Death Metal band Beyond The Hate hasn’t fallen on deaf ears with the outfit set to release a highly anticipated debut album titled “Darkest Times” on 8th March 2024 via Inverse Records. Featuring guest vocalists Katri Hiovain-Asikainen from Numento on “Black

NEWS: Spiritual Deception share “Beyond Perception and Matter”!

Following an unholy trinity of EPs including the brilliance that is “Oxymoron“, Italian Technical Death Metal outfit Spiritual Deception have lined up guest contributions by Karl Sanders of Nile and Luc Lemay of Gorguts for their debut album “Semitae Mentis“. Having already premiered “Thousand Lives Within” from the 9th February 2024 via Amputated Vein Records

NEWS: The Last Ten Seconds Of Life count the sum of their fears?

What do Ricky Myers of Suffocation, Ben Mason of Bound In Fear and Devin Swank of Sanguisugabogg have in common? They’ve all lent their throats to “No Name Graves“, a new album from Downtempo Deathcore skull crushers The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, that’s what. You’ll be able to get your greasy paws on the Grave