NEWS: Vulvodynia prey for the “Adamaster”!

Complete with a music video directed by Ryan Du Toit, South African skull crushers Vulvodynia have premiered a second single from their 5th July via Unique Leader Records releasing album “Entabeni” in one called “Adamaster” and features a guest vocal appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher. Its not the only one either as the album itself

NEWS: Amiensus go the distance?

Much to our surprise Minnesota Progressive Black Metal act Amiensus have shared news that they have a companion piece to their critically acclaimed April released album “Reclamation” set for a grand unveiling on 30th August via M-Theory Audio. Dubbed “Reclamation Pt. II” it serves to expand the record to a fully fledged double album with an

NEWS: SARS believe in out of sight out of mind…

With a calender month to go before the arrival of “Nothing Hurts Quite Like Life” via Italian label Time To Kill Records on 12th July, Finnish Death Thrash operatives SARS have chosen “Away From My Mind” as a second single cut from it. Originally conceived as a “Hatebreed inspired metallic hardcore” band in 2016 and

Review: “Succumb To Madness” by Napalm Ted

Caught in a violent storm between the realms of Death Metal, Grindcore, D-Beat and Hardcore Punk, the music of Napalm Ted knows no borders or boundaries as it emanates from the morbid wastelands of North Finland. A growing concern since 2015, the trio comprise Jani “Han Ted” Kuorikoski (Depth Beyond One’s, Godlesson, Haapoja) on drums, vocals

Documentary: The Making of “Betrayer” with Catalysis!

Four months after their look at the writing of their December released album “Betrayer“, Scottish Metalcore Kings Catalysis have shared an unexpected sequel. They’ve once again put guitarist duo Drew Cochrane and Sean Ramson in front of the camera, this time to let them explain how the album, mixed and mastered by Once Awake guitarist

NEWS: Great American Ghost continue to decay

Released at the end of April as a celebration of the bands signing with SharpTone Records, New Hampshire based heavy hitters Great American Ghost have returned to new single “Hymn Of Decay” for a live video. Shot at The Worcester Palladium, the surprise was the single was produced by Will Putney (Knocked Loose, Bodysnatcher, Fit

Bootleg: Mammoth Caravan at Mutants of The Monster Fest 2024!

Having escaped from an Ice Cold Oblivion, Sludge Doom trio Mammoth Caravan were caught on camera at Mutants of The Monster Fest 2024, an event which took place in their back yard of Little Rock Arkansas over the weekend of 16th May. There they were joined by Spirit Adrift, Weedeater and John Garcia’s solo band

NEWS: Krysthla unleash “Unto The Loveless”!

Preparing to wage war on the United Kingdom once more with new album “The River” recorded recorded and edited by Neil Hudson (Soulride, Phobetor, Callous Hands) at Initiate Audio and Media, Bloodstock survivalists Krysthla have unleashed “Unto The Loveless” cut from it. The release date of that remains unknown but the band are already booking

NEWS: Dragoncorpse live again!

Currently working on an album to follow “The Drakketh Saga“, the Worlds of Deathcore and Power Metal once again collide as Dragoncorpse unleash another single. “I Live… AGAIN!” is that tune, a cut which features a guest appearance from Nick Miller of First Fragment and Unleash the Archers fame. They call it Powercore and if you’re

NEWS: I, Cursed sing one for sorrow…

When is an EP not an EP? When it strays passed the six track division imposed by streaming platforms! So when on 17th July, Inverse Records finally share the new burnt offering “Death Holograms” from I, Cursed it won’t be labelled as the band suggest. Not that any of that matters of course. Produced by