Bootleg: Impending Doom in Chino!

The Stronghold in Chino, California was the venue on 17th November 2006 for a youthful Impending Doom to share a stage with Underneath The Gun, Sleeping Giant and Plague Sheol for a show which took place between their 2005 demo “The Sin and Doom of Godless Men” and their 2007 debut album “Nailed. Dead. Risen.”

Bootleg: “Mourning Wars” from Dizastra!

Filmed by Scratch Takes during the launch show for their brilliant album “Elder Sun” which also happened to be their final show at the iconic Katacombes in Montreal Canada before the venue was shutdown for good at the end of 2019, Blackened Thrash Metal act Dizastra have shared “Mourning Wars“. The album was four years

NEWS: Death Warrant join Underground Hardcore tribute to Schizma!

Returning from their David and Goliath style fight with the World, Reading Hardcore quartet Death Warrant have paid tribute to Schizma with a cover of “Dom” that appears on the Hardcore Tattoo Label album “Schizma Is A F***ing State Of Mind“. The compilation features 12 Underground Metal acts including Ballkick, Unbeaten and Six Steps Forward

NEWS: Beyond Extinction suffer from a “God Complex”?

“We have spent hundreds of hours of writing and demoing the record at our homes and practice spaces to create this EP, and it’s the best music we have written to date. Focussing on the concepts of nihilism and the imperfections of the human race, the subject matter of this record has a deep and

NEWS: Vakora prey for “Forgiveness”?

Mixed and Mastered by former Bound In Fear guitarist Keir Campbell and Ryan Wood, Reading Deathcore crew Vakora have resurfaced for “Forgiveness” for the first time since their 2019 EP “Where Is Your God“. The quintet who like nothing more than to cut some Metallic Hardcore and Beatdown into the mix were due to play

Documentary: “No Lasting Memories” #21 from Weaponry!

It’s Sunday, which can mean only one thing. Roast dinner. Sunday beers. Weaponry t-shirt. Oh and the latest episode of “No Lasting Memories“. So with the band dropping their new single “Something I Lack” on the 4th December, the band have taken the opportunity to take us behind the scenes of the video shoot, which

NEWS: Yashira unveil “Shades Erased”!

A band we discovered through their 2018 split EP with Zao, 11th December 2020 will see the sophomore album from Yashira entitled “Fail To Be” was produced by Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, Shai Hulud), engineered and mixed by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, Connecticut and with cover art by Jesse Draxler

Bootleg: xDeathstarx in California!

A short set from xDeathstarx at The iconic Glasshouse in Pomona California from Facedown Fest in 2006 was very much a label showcase for Facedown Records with the Metalcore act dropping their following 2007 album “We Are The Threat” via the label. Their initial run was seven years incorporating both Christian and straight edge lyrical

Review “Self Titled” by Idle Ruin

Having witnessed the bands he was a member of disintegrate around him during the Great Plague, Liam Anthony, who for many years has played drums for numerous Australian Thrash and Death Metal acts including Malakyte, Bone Marrow, Spektre and Decapitated Mum set about writing songs for a Blackened Thrash infused Death Metal project of his own

The Black Map #136: Impavidus from Manchester!

We’ve spoken before of the rich Metal scene in Manchester, so it’s no surprise to find us returning to the Northern powerhouse of a city for this week’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene. Forged in fire and ice with songs that seamlessly blend the angular riffs of Carcass with