Playthrough: “Heavily Medicated” from Strangle Wire!

Very much the gift that keeps giving, the new album from Belfast Groove Death Metallers Strangle Wire titled “Shaped by Human Frailty” has already seen the band give us a ten part making of featurette and a pair of music videos so now it’s time for something different. In steps drummer John Curlett with a

Review: “Throne Of Ash” by SARS

Originally formed in 2016 it wasn’t until three years later that SARS really sprung into life in Turku Finland. The founding members began to build the six piece in a fashion to fuse Hardcore with Death Metal with two guitarists and two vocalists as the band unleashed a trio of singles between 2020 and 2022.

Playthrough: “Worship Your Path” from Lutharo!

Giving drummer Cory Hofing a moment in the limelight are Canadian Power Thrashers  Lutharo as they celebrate the first anniversary of their debut full length “Hiraeth“ with a playthrough video for “Worship Your Path” shot by Crusty Media at City Sound Studio. The album itself was recorded and mixed by Tyler Williams (Lindsay Schoolcraft, Invicta,

Interview: Venom Inc talk “Black Metal” with Bloodstock!

Quite how Bloodstock Open Air Festival interviewer extraordinare Oran O’Beirne managed to get around all the bands he did over the weekend of the event we have no idea but one of his finest pieces has to be this interview with Venom Inc about the 40th Anniversary of the seminal album “Black Metal“. The band

NEWS: Lastbreath pay homage to Throwdown?

The highly anticipated follow up to 2019 EP “Thousand Traitors” from Sardinian Hardcore act Lastbreath has been announced by none other than Time To Kill Records. Set for a 24th October release via the label, the bands debut album has been dubbed “Vendetta” by the quartet who formed in 2017 from members of local bands Gold

NEWS: Strangle Wire get heavily medicated…

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse also known as Belfast Psychological Death Metal act Strangle Wire who specialise in capturing the darker parts of the human condition like lightening in a bottle have shared a music video for “Heavily Medicated“. The cut is one that represents their new album “Shaped by Human Frailty” very well,

NEWS: Griefbringer announce “The Horrible Wilting”!

Adorned by artwork from an artist simply known as View From The Coffin, Italian Doom Sludge Metal stalwarts Griefbringer will be releasing their debut album, “The Horrible Wilting” on 18th November via Church of Crow Records. The trio comprising Luca Frazzoni (guitars, vocals), Andrea Zanetti (bass, vocals) and Dario Casabona (drums) are well known to

Review: “Runetongue” by Cogadh

Conceived in 2021 by a pair of musicians who met through different bands in their region of Canada, Cogadh (pronounced as Koo-ga, the Gaelic word for “War”) are a Black Metal duo from Ontario and Québec. Their debut finds them doing things almost completely DIY with “Runetongue” recorded, mixed, and mastered by drummer and vocalist

Throwback: “Disciple” from Slayer!

While we await the first material from the long spoken of new project of former Slayer guitarist Kerry King and drummer Paul Bostaph, it’s time to celebrate 21 years of “God Hates Us All“. Recorded over a three month period at Bryan Adams The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver we’ve selected the obvious choice in Grammy