Interview: Krysthla talk “Reawaken”!

Following on from their snippet about “Grief Is The New Love” earlier this week, it’s back to the studio and the recording of August 2019’s brilliant “Worldwide Negative” for talk about “Reawaken” with Krysthla. They’ve got the following shows booked for spring… 31/01 Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms w/Heart Of A Coward 01/02 London, Camden Underworld

Listmania: 50 Of The Worst Album Covers Ever!

There was a time, back in day when going down to the local record store and flicking through the albums on the rack in the Metal section ment that a potentially decent album was easy to spot. For us, at the height of Roadrunner Records, their logo was the seal of approval and if that

Bootleg: Nekrogoblikon in London!

So there could well be a new Nekrogoblikon album in 2020 to follow up the bat s*** crazy “Welcome To Bonkers“. Pro-Shot by at Camden Underworld on 15th January 2020, here’s their full 70 minute set including such timeless classics as “The Many Faces of Dr. Hubert Malbec“, “Dressed as Goblins” and of course

Review: “Inter Vivos” by Dead End Finland

“Inter Vivos“, meaning a life-long commitment which only expires due to the death of the other party, is the name that Dead End Finland have chosen for their forth studio album, which has been an incredible three years in the making. It follows 2011’s “Stain Of Grace“, 2013’s “Season of Withering” and 2016’s “Slaves to

Riff Police! Pull Over! #87: Opposition Party Vs Metallica!

Music is about personal taste and opinion and so from bands with a rich discography each Metal Head will have their own personal favourite. If someone asked where to start with Metal or who Metallica are, we’d hand over a copy of the brilliant “Master Of Puppets“. For us, it’s simply Metallica’s finest hour. It

NEWS: Cultist crush with “The Preacher II”!

Boston, Massachusetts Beatdown Hardcore act Cultist have enlisted the help of Rob Wilson of Cardiac Rupture fame for “The Preacher II“. It looks as though “An Observation Of Grief” is the name of an upcoming EP or album depicted in the video with artwork from Echo Graphic and DaedalvsDesign so watch this space!

Bootleg: Terror in New York!

Pro-Shot at Sugar City in Buffalo, New York on 12th December 2019 here’s a full set from Terror. Now if we we’re gambling, Terror’s seventh album “Total Retaliation”, was released on 28th September 2018 and with the Los Angeles Hardcore crew keeping it strictly 2 years between recordings… you know what we’re saying. That being

Interview: Hazzerd talk “Delirium” influences!

Four piece Thrash act Hazzerd from Calgary Alberta Canada will be reigning terror on the neighborhood with their new album “Delirium“. It’s going to be brought to you by the Zombie Apocalypse depicted on the cover art on 24th January with pre-orders available over at bandcamp here that would see you get the pair of

Review: “Lost Connection” EP from Chalice

Two years after full length “Ashes Of Hope” which saw them celebrate 20 years together, Beveren-Leie Belgium natives Chalice have returned with “Lost Connection“. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tony De Block at Midas Recording Studio in Lokeren with the band delivering a blend of Death Metal and Thrash that focuses on personal struggle and

Bootleg: Prong in Philadelphia!

It has to be said that “Age Of Defiance” is as short as it is sweet and a reminder if one was ever needed, of how impor Prong have been to the Worlds of Metal, Hardcore and Industrial tinged music. Would Harms Way exist without Prong? That’s one for a post gig discussion accompanied by