Review: “Singin’ in the Pain” by Necrodeath

A growing concern since 1984, Italian Blackened Thrash Metal act Necrodeath have been ploughing the fields and scattering the ashes of their victims with fourteen prior convictions in album form before “Singin’ in the Pain” was even a twinkling in their collective eyes or a migraine on their thoughts. Their first two albums in 1987’s “Into

The Black Map #234: Eyes Of A Nihilist from Peterborough!

Nihilism. A family of views and philosophies that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence such as social institutions, religion and morality… Which has to be the shortest definition known to man of a very broad subject but essential for the understanding of the concept that Peterborough Progressive Thrall act Eyes Of A

NEWS: Headwreck attempt to break the cycle!

Produced, mixed and mastered in-house by guitarist and vocalist, Jamo Benadie, “Let It Feel” is the first Headwreck first material since 2021’s debut EP ‘Glamorise Demise’ and comes off the back of their cover of the Linkin Park classic “Lying From You“, which was featured on ARIA charting compilation album ‘The Better Sessions Vol. 2‘.

NEWS: Millstone plant the seed…

Watching the flowers bloom once more, Siberia Groove Death Metal band Millstone have returned to their May released EP for an arty and apocalyptic music video for “Single Fiery Flower“. Originally known as Anatomy of the Void, the band rebranded in the wake of 2017’s “Upgrade Or Die” and unveiled the phenomenon that is concept

Documentary: Imperial Triumphant on Bus Invaders!

Having escaped the clutches of Alphaville and found the Spirit of Ecstasy, Imperial Triumphant hit the road Zeal & Ardor and Sylvaine ensuring that Avant-Garde ways are given a much needed airing. While at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago Illinois on 19th September the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for another episode of the

NEWS: Caliban lost in the darkness?

After scaling back their December European touring plans to six shows in Germany, Metalcore mainstays Caliban have shared a music video for a new cut titled “The Shadow“. The song appears just seven months after the bands current album “Dystopia” surfaced via Century Media but is tinged with sadness as it also comes with the

NEWS: Alera speak of the thing that should not be…

As they celebrate one year of “Beware The Snake” with a not so secret ceremony at The Bendigo Hotel with Cherish and Inferiority Complex, Australian Post Hardcore quintet Alera have pulled a rabbit out of the hat in new single “Never Meant To Go This Way“. Curiously that has surfaced a week after the band

NEWS: Currents seek revenge?

After an impressive display as a quartet on the Impericon Never Say Die Tour, Currents have shared a second new single since their last album “The Way It Ends” in one called “Vengeance“. Described by the band as a release of pent up aggression from the past few years, it’s arguably the heaviest we’ve ever

Interview: Devin Townsend talks “Lightwork” with Belgian Jasper!

Following 2019’s very well received album “Empath“, Progressive Metal Mastermind Devin Townsend continues to do no wrong with new album “Lightwork” and it’s companion piece “Nightwork“, a collection of b-sides, demos ans experiments from the recording process. The living legend sat down with Belgian Jasper to discuss both records as well as Graspop Metal Meeting,

NEWS: Grave With A View slam idle worship?

Celebrating the release of their self titled EP by necking a bottle of whiskey and running head first into traffic, Finnish soul-crushing black ‘n’ roll outfit Grave With A View have dropped a music video for the ripper that it’s “Forever Worship Violence“, taking a groove oriented approach and dragging it kicking and screaming into