Interview: Rings Of Saturn talk “Gidim” part #2!

Episode #2 of Rings Of Saturn Vs Nuclear Blast sees guitarist duo Lucas Mann and Joel Omans run through “Gidim” which will be out on 25th October via the Label. The Alien Technical Death Metal Masters fifth studio album includes “The Husk” and “Mental Prolapse” which have both been delivered in playthrough format…  

Documentary: Sumo Cyco sick in the US…

Adding Facebarmageddon Festival to their UK Tour that starts in November only to see this year’s incarnation cancelled, Canadian Hard Rockers Sumo Cyco should probably be p****d. But they’re on your in the US with Jinjer and The Browning and are looking pretty ropey in this latest installment of their tour diary! They’re crowdfunding album

NEWS: Annihilator declare War!

Ottawa Canada Thrash Masters Annihilator have declared war having recorded “Ballistic Sadistic” at Watersound Studios UK in Durham earlier this year. It’s set for a 24th January Silver Lining Music appearance with pre-orders available over at iTunes. As if that wasn’t enough, “I Am Warfare” has reared its ugly head today!  

Bootleg: “Africa” from Frog Leap Live!

Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway has shared a live video Frog Leap Live performing “Africa” by Toto. The video was shot by Rory McLean while Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad mixed the audio. The album is out now so if you enjoy your Metal covers with a sense of headbanging humour then this

NEWS: Northwind Wolves in the Unholy Forrest…

Los Angeles Californian Melodic Black Metallers Northwind Wolves have announced the follow up to their 2017 debut “Dark… Cold… Grim” will take you on a journey to the Carpathian Mountains on 13th December via Black Lion Records. Titled “Mountains And Darkness” it is available for pre-order here with “Unholy Forrest Of Wolves” streaming now…

NEWS: Spankraght unveil all star album!

Belgium isn’t just the home of good beer. It’s the place where Industrial Metallers  Spankraght have been locked in The Rhythm Cage, producing, recording and mixing a new album. Mastered by Yarne Heylen (Carnation) at Project Zero Studio they have shared a lyric video for “Carnivale” that comes from that album entitled “Thou Shalt Drown

NEWS: Dyscordia return to erase your mind!

Produced by Jens Borgen who also handled such duties on the upcoming new Sepultura album, Belgian Metallers Dyscordia have announced that Road Mark Productions will release their third album “Delete/Rewrite” on January 7th 2020! Pre-orders will be available from 20th December. To celebrate, they’ve unveiled a music video for the album title track, upon which they

Documentary: The Making of “Do Or Die” by Machine Head!

Marius from Off To New Adventures got a last minute call to produce a performance video for the new Machine Head single “Do Or Die” as the Oakland California Thrashers arrived in Germany. So here’s a behind the scenes featurette on what he did and used to create a cool video! The song itself is

Interview: Static-X, First Concert Ever?

In case you missed the news, Static-X have set the date of 29th May for the release of “Project Regeneration”, a new album Produced by Ulrich Wild featuring the lost and last vocal recordings of the dearly departed Wayne Static. The album promises a guest appearance from Ministry legend Al Jorgensen and will perhaps see

Review: “The Pleasures That Lead” by Cleansing

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Timi Jetsu, “The Pleasures That Lead” is the debut from Straight Edge Metallic Hardcore crew Cleansing. Their claim to the crown is “mixing different genres of Metal while maintaining the pure anger from the golden era of 90s Hardcore”.  As you might expect “Prelude To…” is more than a simple