NEWS: Karybdis and Akkadian, April 2024!

London Melodic Death Metallers Karybdis have warned that as they enter their 16th year as a going concern, a new single titled “The Reaper And The Revenant” is on the way. Set to appear via the Bleeding Art Collective and Blood Blast Distribution on 21st March, it will be followed by a run of four

Review: “No Liberty” by Disarmageddon

The funny thing about bands going on hiatus or calling time on their careers is that as a fan you always have a inkling about who is going to return and who is going to remain lost forever to the sands of time. Call it gut instinct, women’s intuition or whatever but sometimes you just

NEWS: Kalt Vindur visualise “Mist Over Cergova”!

Continuing the promotional work around their now one month old album “Magna Mater“, Polish Subcarpathian Black Metal band Kalt Vindur have released a music video for instrumental track “Mist Over Cergova“. Their first record with new drummer Rafal “Czarnuch” Chruścicki, the album was pieced together in 2022 and demonstrates an evolution of sound that makes for

NEWS: Concrete Age return from the Motherland!

A year on from their critically acclaimed album “Bardo Thodol“, London ethnic infused Extreme Metal act Concrete Age have returned with a ninth studio album in “Motherland“. Set to be released by SoundAge Productions on 4th April with a specific vinyl master from Nargathrond’s Sergey “Lazar” (Panzerfaust, Imperial Age), to ensure the finest listening experience possible,

NEWS: Endless Loss admit to grave robbery!

Limited edition hand numbered compact disc or tape formats are the choices available via Nuclear Winter Records for the 25th March releasing “Traversing the Mephitic Artery” by Bestial Blackened Death Metal two piece Endless Loss. The Australians love to create music that is nothing short of brutally bludgeoning and psychotically violent with the album considered

NEWS: Dead Flesh prepare us for dehumanisation!

Completed in sessions with producer Justin Paul Hill (The Five Hundred, Sikth, Hacktivist), Hertfordshire specialists in blast beats ans breakdowns Dead Flesh have a debut EP in “Dehumanise” set for 28th April. Formed of experienced musicians in 2021, they enjoyed a run to the semi finals of Metal 2 The Masses for a chance to

NEWS: A Somber, Sobering affair from ATER?

Monolithic Chilean Extreme Metal trio ATER will unleash their long awaited, highly anticipated sophomore album “Somber” on 19th April via Torque Records. The follow up to 2018’s “Eternal Gray Spiral” is said to be a  cataclysmic melding of Black, Death, Progressive and Thrashing Groove for one of the year’s more devastating Heavy Metal records. Mastered

NEWS: Olamot follow the left hand path…

Italian label Lethal Scissor Records have announced that come 29th April, they will be distributing “Path Of Divinity“, a debut album from Olamot. An Extreme Metal project embarked upon in 2021, it bleeds from the minds of Daniele Boccali (Fictio Solemnis) and Edoardo Casini (Xenofaction, Desource). Their first chapter was an EP titled “Realms” which

NEWS: Sailor Hunter evolve in Melodic Death Metal?

What are the chances that a band hailing from Gothenburg Sweden could be influenced by the Gothenburg sound? It might seem too good to be true but originally the solo project of guitarist Al Rinald, Sailor Hunter are that band. They also like to incorporate Symphonic Orchestrations and Groove Metal into tales from the Mediterranean

NEWS: A Mayday from Knocked Loose!

Including guest vocal appearances from Chris Motionless of Motionless In White and Poppy, Oldham Kentucky Metallic Hardcore crew Knocked Loose have announced that 10th May will see a new album drop via Pure Noise Records. Titled “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To“ it was completed in sessions with producer Drew Fulk (Disturbed, Ice Nine