Bootleg: “The Path” Virtual Release Show from Fit For A King!

The twitch stream virtual release show for “The Path” from Metalcore merchants Fit For A King has surfaced in it’s entirety on YouTube. As you would expect, the set includes a number of new songs from the album including “Annihilation“, “God Of Fire” and “Locked (In My Head)” but it also includes some career spanning

Review: “Self Titled” by Sangheilis

Inspired largely by the American and International scene in the Metalcore, DJent, Deathcore and Nu-Metal registers and citing everything from Chimaira to Northlane from Venom Prison to Type O Negative as an influence, Sangheilis are a band that raise eyebrows in their genre shifting. They hail from Rouen in France and formed in 2013 with

Documentary: Live album recording with Enquire Within!

Entering Hackney Road Studios, Enquire Within set about recording a full live set of material from their debut album “Bloodlines” over a weekend for release on 23rd October. Here’s the behind the scenes featurette, shot by HRH TV that follows the recording process. They chose “Scars” by Soil for their entry in our Under The

NEWS: Frog Leap into the air tonight!

It’s been done before and no doubt it will be done again because it’s a classic. Who doesn’t remember the Gorilla drumming along to “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins? Nonpoint delivered an on point, modernization of the song a few years back and this week sees Leo Moracchioli put his Frog Leap Studios

NEWS: IAMTHESHOTGUN take the blue pill?

Denver, Colorado Deathcore collective IAMTHESHOTGUN may have already released an EP in 2020 by the name of “Domination” that was February and this is September and the lack of shows for obvious reasons has given them more studio time. The result is a new track called “Cyanide 909“, designed to sever flesh from bone…

Documentary: The Making of “Connection Lost” by Catalysis!

Taking and taking you through everything from writing, pre-production, recording, mixing and mastering, Scottish Metallers Catalysis leave no stone unturned in this documentary about the making of their debut album “Connection Lost“, an album that sees a pair of six string legends in Phil Demmel of Vio-Lence and formerly Machine Head as well as Joey Radziwill of  Sacred

Bootleg: “Buscandome” from Nonpoint!

…with tickets available here, Nonpoint are rolling out a collection of sold out shows as live streams before a 20th Anniversary pro-shot full set in Chicago on 10th October gets live streamed as “Statement” reaches its milestone. Here’s “Buscandome” cut from a show at Madison Wisconsin, the heart of Nonpoint county to get you hyped

NEWS: Dry Kill Logic return with “Don’t See Ghosts”!

A year after New Yorkers Dry Kill Logic dropped single “Vices” , their first new material in 13 years, they’ve returned with “Don’t See Ghosts“. The single was recorded at Intension Studios in Astoria, New York and Silver Bullet Studios in Burlington, CT. It was produced by the band’s guitarist, Jason Bozzi and mixed by

NEWS: Dematerialize respawn at the “Lighthouse”!

What better way to celebrate your album release date than with a music video for one of it’s finer cuts? Dematerialize have chosen “Lighthouse” from “Omniscience”, their debut full length DJent fuelled Progressive Metal album for Famined Records, out today. Expect relentless chugs, melodic sweeps and atmospheric keys with a rhythm section that will pound you

Documentary: Fear Factory Studio Update #1!

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares has been very quick to brush off claims form other, potentially former members of the band and provide an update on the studio work going on as a result of the controversial Go Fund Me campaign launched earlier this week. At present it’s not clear whether the album completed in