Bootleg: Damned Spring Fragrantia!

On tour on our shores in February and one of the first wave of bands announced for this summer’s UK Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds, here’s ten of the the best live cuts from Italian Tech-Metal crew Damned Spring Fragrantia! Some pro-shot in high-definition, some fan shot from the pit! Their current EP “Chasm” was released in November via Basick Records.


1. Heritage (Live @ La Tenda, Modena, Italy, 17th December 2015)
2. Heritage (Live in Glasgow, Scotland 2014)
3. Divergences (Live @ UK TECH-FEST 2013)
4. Drowned In Cyan & Heritage (Live @ Dissonance Festival, Milan, Italy 2014)
5. My Brain Is Looking For Monsters (Live @ Centr’Arti 7th March 2009)
6. Drowned In Cyan (Live @ Cittadella Dei Giovani, October 2013)
7. Drowned In Cyan (Live @ Hibou 2015)
8. The Obsidian Fate (Live @ La Tenda on The Road To Dissonance Tour 2014)
9. The Obsidian Fate (Live @ Bocciodromo, Vicenza 2013)
10. Still Alive & A Common Tragedy (Live @ Cittadella Dei Giovani, October 2013)

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