Review: “Death Blooms” by Death Blooms

It’s pretty obvious from the song titles alone of Death Blooms self titled debut that there is going to be something “Nu” in the mix. The Liverpool/Manchester Nu-Metalcore band (presumably named after the Mudvayne song from “L.D. 50”) deliver exactly that. Nu-Metalcore at its finest. In fact at their best they are reminiscent of Cane Hill when they’re not trying to do their Alice In Chains impression.

Opener “Hate: Die” kicks in with the atmospheric dark and brooding lyric “I was born to Hate then die, hate then die, hate then die” and has all the elements that one would expect from a Nu-Metalcore band at the height of their powers. The production value is high and the song is very polished for a debut EP. Frontman Paul Barrow demonstrates a complete vocal range from the very off, from the powerful sung pre-chorus to the unclean verse and dark almost whispered chorus. The band have an intensity, boldness and energy straight from the off that leaves some of their peers for dust. “I’m Dead” then continues in a similar vein with a powerful chorus and driving riff that begs you to move, screams headbanging, circle pit and wall of death. There is nothing unique but the familiarity isn’t a bad thing. It’s been done but it’s done so well here it demands attention. “Last Ones” has a more melodic chorus allowing for a big sing along with its bold clean vocals but brings plenty of crush post chorus and a couple of tasty blood curdling screams. It’s opening riff has a big hook before charging head long into the lyrics. Its pretty clear that the band have a very good picture of what they want to sound like and match that picture with their talent. Closer “Sick” includes a riff that has a tech metal leaning pre-chorus but it’s the vocal delivery that once again shines. The song has very little verse, instead having a trio of choruses, each of which is as catchy as the last and has a variant on the hook that is again designed for the headbang.

As an EP, the polish and quality on show here in terms of vocal performance, musicianship and song writing is really impressive. At the end of the twelve minutes you’re left wanting more. The EP has a great flow, everything has its rightful place. It’s very much a case of “What the hell was that? Where do I get me some?”. As a support band at a live show they give everything and give the main act a real push – they are that good. Here’s hoping for more from Death Blooms real soon because this is a peach of a debut [8.5/10]


1. Hate:Die

2. I’m Dead

3. Last Ones

4. Sick

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