NEWS: Machine Head praised in The Guardian newspaper!

Having been through the mill with the Metal music press, internet trolls and people who simply aren’t fans of the band talking s**t about Machine Head, it’s nice to see them get some praise. We didn’t expect it to appear in The Guardian newspaper, but praise is still praise. Here’s what they said;

“After 27 years, some bands might be tempted to put out crowd-pleasing, laurel-resting material, but the Oakland metal veterans have instead written the divisive and stirring Bastards, one of the most arresting protest songs of the Trump era (taken from their new album, Catharsis). Written the day after the election, its lacerating lyric sheet is worth reading in full, but takes aim at racists, “second amendment thugs” and Wall Street, and champions “the pussy generation, the PC and the brave”, reclaiming the hateful language of the right.

Frontman Robb Flynn does this most boldly with a recasting of Lady Liberty’s line “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”: “So give us all your faggots, all your niggers and your spivs / Give us all your Muslims, the so-called terrorists / We’ll welcome ‘em with open arms and put ‘em in our mix / We’re better off together now, embrace our difference.” Like Bruce Springsteen did with “yellow man” in Born in the USA, Flynn takes the racist rhetoric of the right and ferociously turns it back towards them.”

You can read the rest of the article here. Machine Head’s new album “Catharsis” is out now via Nuclear Blast. The band will be upon our shores in May performing “Evening With” shows.

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