Bootleg: Damageplan at Somerset 2004!

Continuing the Vinnie Paul tribute, here’s a full set from Damageplan at Somerset on 28th May 2004. The band recorded a single album “New Found Power” before the death of Vinnie Paul’s brother and fellow former Pantera member Dimebag Darrell. We had the joy of seeing the band play the main stage of Download Festival in place of Slayer and joined by Corey Taylor of Slipknot, reprising his guest vocal from the album version of “F**k You”.

Track List

00:0001:25 Blah Blah
01:2805:15 Breathing New Life
05:3009:30 Pride
10:0014:00 Wake Up
14:1720:10 Crawl
20:2524:53 Save Me
25:3028:45 Explode
29:2733:50 Reborn
34:1035:20 Band Introduction
35:3539:20 New Found Power
39:2044:30 Dimebag Solo
44:3045:10 New Found Power Continue
46:4550:00 F**k You
50:0051:00 Second Dimebag Solo
54:301:01:50 Walk (Pantera) & Impro
1:02:251:06:40 New Level (Pantera)
1:06:401:08:27 Outro, Thanks…..

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