Riff Police! Pull Over! #32: Pantera Vs King Diamond!

King Diamond axe wielding duo Pete Blakk and Andy LaRocque laid down the riffage on their October 1990 released fifth album “The Eye” in fine form. Track “The Trial (Chambre Ardente)” is a particularly juicy cut in the Danish Heavy Metaller’s back catalogue and with fan favourite “Abigail” setting a bench mark, it’s no wonder that the band are considered hall of fame worthy. The song itself is actually a tale from the French Inquisition, 1450-1670 in which Nicolas de la Reynie the Head investigator of the Christian Burning Court (or Chambre Ardente), in Paris, France shares a back and forth with Jeanne Dibasson who is accused of practising Witchcraft.

Released on 24th July 1990, some 3 months prior to “The Eye” was what many consider to be the first release of Pantera‘s re-birth and the Phil Anselmo era “Cowboys From Hell”. It’s actually not true – while as with “The Eye” by King Diamond, it was the bands fifth studio album, it’s actually the album prior 1988’s “Power Metal” that was the first to showcase the movement of Pantera away from their Glam Metal era and the first to feature Anselmo’s vocals. However, we digress. It’s the mid section bridging riff from classic “Domination” that we want to draw your attention to because it’s the same! A direct influence after such a short space of time? That’s why some musicians these days shut themselves off during their recording sessions and don’t check out other bands!

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