Review: “Diffidia” EP by Eddie Bunker

Vicenza Italy is the home of Hardcore Punk/Mathcore/Post-Hardcore quintet Eddie Bunker. Comprising Vocalist Michele Somma, Guitarist duo Alberto Biasin and Jacopo Carlotto, alongside a rhythm section of Bassist Francesco Preto Martini and Drummer Marco Zandenego, the band recorded their debut EP in August 2018 with Matteo “Ciube” Tabacco at Raptor studio for a November release. Taking their inspiration from the likes of Converge, Every Time I Die, Botch, The Chariot and Mastodon, it’s easy to see that on paper at least, Eddie Bunker are appealing.

“Il Gioco Perfetto” (“The Perfect Game”) gets things off the a frenetic start with a bouncy high energy riff and some biting vocal delivery that is very much reminiscent of “Miss Machine” era Dillinger Escape Plan with distinct tempo and groove changes been the verses. The quality of the Mixing and Mastering immediately shines through, with the level of technicality involved being captured to perfection. There is never any muddying of the mix or loss of instrumentation. “Trauma” has a menacing swirling riff that has both a hypnotic and schizophrenic quality to it, off kilter enough to give you that feeling of trauma, almost like you’re being watched. The song then breaks into a melodic passage with a whispered vocal buried underneath the Somma’s main lines that gives it a haunting edge. “Polonia” (“Poland”) has that classical build up before going all out attack with 23 seconds of almost tribal drum patterns and building riffs before leaping head on into traffic with some furious vocals from Somma. The band keep things tight and rhythmically driven, allowing space for the vocals to breathe without going down the obvious stylistic paths.

“Interlude” is a haunting 92 second sonic sea scape that features a repeating broken riff against the backdrop of white noise that has an aching beauty to it and serves to introduce “Pandora” by breaking up the flow of the EP nicely. “Pandora” captures the energy and spark of the band and has that aggression and urgency that drives bands like Every Time I Die with a relentlessness that makes you want to move. “Tarantola” then continues the vibe with a roar from Somma and some aggressive polyrhythmic riffs. There is a marked decision in the sound of Eddie Bunker to write something that’s heavy without the need to have oceans of distortion or feedback. Instead the band rely on their frontman to give them that side while the guitars deliver a more melodic but energised punch. “Diffidia” is a very accomplished release for a band that have existed just over a year to the point of the recording which demonstrates the song writing ability of the group as much as the quality of the musicianship of the individuals to create something that is greater than the sum of it’s parts [7.5/10]

Track listing

  1. “Il Gioco Perfetto”
  2. “Trauma”
  3. “Polonia”
  4. “Interlude”
  5. “Pandora”
  6. “Tarantola”

“Diffidia” EP by Eddie Bunker is out now and available over at bandcamp

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