Review: freetobewhoibe reviews “Back To The Green Zone” by Road Mutant

Word of mouth is a fantastic thing. A band does something great. People like us, over here, at find it, shout about it and people like you, anyone who’s looking, hears about it and gets involved. That’s how what we do works. There are people out there making great Metal and they deserve to be shouted about! So when we had the chance to listen to and review “Back To The Green Zone” by Road Mutant before it was released, we leapt at the chance! Not only that, but we passed on our recommendation to YouTuber freetobewhoibe who knocked up his own video review of the EP because he also loves it! So, we take a moment to thank Tom Cronin from Road Mutant for getting in touch, Road Mutant themselves for dropping the crossover-thrash-tastic EP which is available over at bandcamp and of course to freetowhoibe for dropping a classy review himself! Time to get Back To The Green Zone!

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