Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! “Right Now” Edition

KoRn. The Bakersfield boys might not have released a whole album as good as any of their opening trio but every subsequent album has had its fair share of decent tunes. The Nu-Metal pioneers have been highly influential over the years with pretty much everyone who’s anyone sighting them as one of theirs. So it’s time for a pair of Deathcore bands who have covered “Right Now” by KoRn in their own style to go head to head!

First up, in the Red corner we have Russian brutes Ease Of Disgust. They wiped out their version of their album “Exceeding The Verge” and of course claimed it was better than the original in 2011. In the Blue corner (and fans of the band will expect this) we have Deathcore heavyweights Chelsea Grin.¬†Alex Koehler may no longer be fronting the band but his vocals on this cut arguably make the track. Who wins? You decide!

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