Under The Influence #1: atWood on “Anon” by Hands Like Houses!

In this brand new Pizza oven fresh weekly feature for Metal Noise, we talk some of the best underground talent on the scene the World over about the albums and artists that they love and have influenced them in their musical endeavours.

Part Post-hardcore, part Experimental Rock, Canberra Australia is home to Hands Like Houses, a band who specialise in the captivating. Stepping outside of the box for their fourth studio album, the band created a quasi-concept release with 2018’s “Anon”, telling the stories of others through their eyes. Ranging from politics to relationships and even a journey of self discovery, it’s an astonishing piece of work that has received much in the way of praise.

atWood said “Hands like houses – Anon. is one of our main inspirations. In our opinion, it basically features everything we were looking for when writing our music. Sometimes it’s sweet, sometimes it’s catchy and poppy, and sometimes it’s a bit more energetic. Hands like houses manage to blend alternative and post-hardcore in such a unique way that their style is almost impossible to mimic, and that’s what makes them so great to us. The vocals from Trenton Woodley and his lyrics are beautifully emotional and personal, and can rely on perfect instrumentals to back them up. They are a great influence to us cause their music is apparently simple, but it actually hides many small details that play an essential role in making them sound so dramatic and good, basically.”

“At Odds” by atWood is out now! You can check it out over on Spotify.

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