Review: “Split” EP by Short Fuse 59 & Kalfou

A split EP between Denver Colorado quintet Short Fuse 59 and Pueblo  Colorado quintet Kalfou, both playing on the Beatdown Hardcore genre isn’t one to be missed, especially as Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher appears as a guest on one of the tracks! Recorded by Taylor Hahn at Hahn Audio it’s longest tune clocks in at a mere 2 minutes and 46 seconds. It’s going to be a fast one!

Short Fuse 59

A horror film speech sample with orchestral underpinning bursts into life like the Alien popping from John Hurt’s chest in that classic film sequence with a heavy hardcore breakdown pairing and a short sharp gutteral roar. What more could you possibly want from a track entitled “An Introduction”?! First track proper “Stepping over Shattered Faces” comes out of the gate swinging with classic two step riffage and some bouncy bass. Slowing things down for a downtempo breakdown and bridge before diving back in full throttle, the tempo shifts are a seamless smooth joy while the nuances in the guitar work show that there is more to come. Lyrically it’s a defiant anthem that begs for a headbang while punching your mate in the face. A political speech sample brings in the bass heavy introduction of “Forever Hated” which features a guest vocal appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher. That guest appearance seems to have brought out the beast in Short Fuse 59 with a brutal pummellingly good kit performance and the finger pointing fist pumping lyrics are undeniable. Medina throws in Deathcore growl and the tune is a banger. It’s hard to imagine these dudes sticking in the heavy hardcore and not changing up to a Deathcore sound in the future. But it’s something we’ll be looking out for!


Having a very similar guitar tone and drum sound helps knit the Short Fuse 59 and Kalfou material together on the EP and “Hell Hounds” is a full on heavy hardcore 90mph paced slammer of a tune that has plenty of bark and bite. It’s a fine example of how relatively simple to play music sounds great when it’s played to perfection. The kit sounds huge the slow down for a breakdown bridge before the acapella “When the hounds come barking, you will all burn together” line is spot on. Taking things down more of a Gloom Metal line for its introduction “Midnight” has some big stuccato parts without losing any of the energy. That classic Death Metal drum sound is evident and the tempo shifts are masterful. The bellow of “Sinners Keep No Company” tells it’s own story and it’s a savage beating for some of those cookie cutter pop-punk hardcore bands that want to be famous. “Split” is something everyone can enjoy! [8/10]

Track listing

  1. An Introduction (Short Fuse 59)
  2. Stepping over Shattered Faces (Short Fuse 59)
  3. Forever Hated (Short Fuse 59 ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
  4. Hell Hounds (Kalfou)
  5. Midnight (Kalfou)

“Split” by Short Fuse 59 & Kalfou is out now and available over at bandcamp

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