Review: Self-Titled EP by Hunt The Dinosaur

Dallas, Texas Progressive Deathcore crew Hunt The Dinosaur have been around since 2010 with this, their self titled debut 5 track EP appearing in 2014. Since then, the band have put out a series of cover songs and singles while advertising their *coming soon* full length debut “Dankosaurus” back in 2017. There seems to be a bit of stop-start in the camp but with new Slipknot cover released a couple of days ago the band seem to be back on track. So we decided to show them some love and take a walk down memory lane for this one.

Let’s start by destroying a few myths about Hunt The Dinosaur. First up is their decision to label themselves “progressive Deathcore or progressive metal” – there isn’t anything “progressive” at all about HTD, in fact they have a lot in common with bands like Dr Acula and even “Outlaws” era Attila than anything else. The 5 track EP starts with “Destructo” which has 1 second of music before the rap-scream-Deathcore growl of frontman Hunter Madison tears through a couple of opening lines A cappella before the main riff. It’s clear from the very start that Madison has fantastic breath control as delivers some lengthy rap-growls with seemingly minimal air intake. The slow, punchy riffage gives plenty of headbanging room before tempo changing up to match the faster vocal delivery during the verse. The lyrics are hilarious, the sort of party Deathcore lyrics that have made careers for the previously mentioned bands, witty, punch and leaving no stone unturned. Add into the mix some electronics and a couple of perfectly timed samples and there you have it.

“Stopping the Unstoppable” kicks off with a longer intro of chugging deathcore riffage and a couple of choice bends and squeals. The menacing guitars are quickly overlaid by some more traditional Deathcore lyrics and vocal delivery. The track is more akin to the likes of Traitors that the opener, until a Chris Fronzak style vocal bridge, the sort of thing he was famed for in Attila’s early career. Lyrically, it’s a song about someone trying to stop the band from going places and again, it’s incredibly intelligent in it’s offering. “Two-Faced Best Friend” starts with a heavy breathing and the distorted sound of an ambulance siren. Slow, driven and menacing riffage is cut through by the raw, broken glass vocal delivery. Downtempo chugging guitars with downtuned atmospheric tones make are fused with some buried electronics towards the end that make the song close out like a remix and adds a curtain something. There is also the odd break in the rap scream for single spoken words and a “Blegh!” for good measure.

“Coin” is a tongue in cheek look at money being the root of all evil, greed driving people to obsession and madness. From the film sample opening to the bouncy riffs and juicy lead guitars to the blast beats, the song oozes class. Hunter Madison sounds like a Demon in a Gollum like quest for Money and Power. There is some Nu-Metal turntable scratching going in towards the end but that only adds the vibrancy of the mix. “I Got a Lil’ Bit of That” has to be the party song of the EP. (hed)p.e. would have described it as a song about touring, it’s one about having a bit of everything that people use to have a good time. There is a Dr Acula-esq synth breakdown as Madison delivers lines about loving his drugs with a decent flow to his rap-scream. The guitars get better as the EP unfolds and the delivery on this one is particularly good. If you want some fun Deathcore that doesn’t take itself seriously then you can’t go too far wrong with Hunt The Dinosaur. The lyrics are outrageous at the delivery is unbelievable. [8/10]

All Material Written and Arranged by Hunter Madison
Recorded, Produced, and Co-Written by Brandon Sanders at Open Mind Audio
Artwork by Almanc Designs

Track listing

  1. Destructo
  2. Stopping the Unstoppable
  3. Two-Faced Best Friend
  4. Coin
  5. I Got a Lil’ Bit of That

Hunt The Dinosaur’s self-titled EP is out now and available over at bandcamp

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