Under The Influence #9: Dratna on “First Spell” by Gehenna!

Appearing first on Head Not Found Records and then on Damnation Records a year later, “First Spell” is the second EP from Norwegian Black Metallers Gehenna. Originally appearing in 1994 and then re-appearing as an album in 2008 with an additional 9 songs, it’s one that only main man Sanrabb, credited with Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals will remember. He’s the last man standing from that era. Gehenna have always been about the music, ebbing and flowing between Black and Death Metal stylings with lyrics added once the music is complete.

Dratna Comments: “I actually don’t know how to describe this album apart from genius. There is something about the organ on the opening track “The shivering Voice of the Ghost” that grips me every single time I hear it. If there was one album I wish I could have wrote it would be this one. Honestly if you have not heard it check it out. Guitars, keys drums & vocals in perfect harmony with one another, this album was a major influence on “An Cath (The Battle)”. Norwegian Black metal at its finest.”
“An Cath (The Battle) by Dratna is out now and available over at bandcamp

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