Review: “Food Of The Gods” EP by Nothing Is Sacred

Keypoint, New Jersey Beatdown Hardcore quartet Nothing Is Sacred are a band that know what they’re about. Featuring in their ranks members of Shattered Realm, Suffer The Living, Redline and Abcinate they got on board Justin Spaeth from Cave Bound Media to Record, Mix and Master this trio of tracks entitled “Food Of The Gods” while tapping up Mike Greenfield of Enemy Mind to appear on “Borrowed Time”.

Remember that bloodcurdling scream from “Raining Blood” by Slayer? Well Nothing Is Sacred take that opening moment and make it their own with a vicious hammering of blast beats and a beast from the depths roar of their own on the title track of this blistering EP. Technical Speed Thrash Metal riffs galore take hold in classical style with a brutal barked unclean vocal “Blood is the food of the Gods below“. Shifting tempos down for a gang chanted chorus part shows off some Hardcore influences but it’s the knife sharpening moment that electrifies and the downtempo groove crush of the final breakdown is nothing short of incredible. Getting off to a slower but still fast start “The Bottom” tears things up with some Death Metal riffs in the mix while still having the rise and fall tempo shift of the opening track. This one has an intricate solo to accompany the bludgeoning Speed Thrash riffs that fans bind the songs together. A speech sample and downtempo groove breakdown to close makes it another masterpiece. “Borrowed Time” gets out of the gate with a blast beat section… Imagine the drum sticks were hammers and the kit was a piece of sheet metal… The caustic call of the track title is left ringing in your ears as the track plays out with a Beatdown Deathcore heart and Metallic Hardcore edge akin to Strangled. Mike Greenfield steps up with the WWE wrestling strap line “Speaking of Problems” and delivers a verse of Deathcore powerhouse strength before a Street Soldier esq “Sort your life out mate” and another battering of bludgeoning groove riffs, low and slow. [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Food Of The Gods
  2. The Bottom
  3. Borrowed Time (ft. Mike Greenfield of Enemy Mind)

Food Of The Gods” by Nothing Is Sacred is out now and available over at bandcamp

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